Three Men in a Boat Questions & Answers

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Three Men in a Boat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why does the author say, “It will be some time before I forget it”? Why do you think he remembers the episode so well?

Answer: The author remembered his first trip because of all the trouble his friends and he went through to find a place to stay.

Question 2: What objection did Harris have to staying at the Manor House?

Answer: Harris did not want to go to the Manor House as he didn’t like the looks of the man leaning against the front door there. He said the man didn’t look nice at all and thought his boots were ugly.

Question 3: Did George mind where he stayed? Which sentence tells us how he felt?

Answer: George did not mind where he stayed and we can know this from this line, “For his part, he was going back to the stag”.

Question 4: List all the places that the desperate men were prepared to sleep in.

Answer: They were prepared to sleep in billiard room, coal cellar, stables, barn and limekiln.

Question 5: Why did Harris tell others to kiss his mother for him?

Answer: Harris told others to kiss his mother for him for he was so tired and exhausted that he felt he could die any moment and might not get a chance to bid his mother goodbye.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. We passed a very pretty little hotel, with clematis and creeper over the porch.

(a) Who was passing the hotel and when?

Answer: The author was passing the hotel Stag along with his friends George and Harris. It was quite late, ten o’ clock at night, a Saturday in the month of August.

(b) Where they carrying anything?

Answer: The men were carrying a hamper, two bags, rugs, and coats.

(c) Did they stay at the hotel? If not, why?

Answer: They did not stay at the hotel because the author wanted a hotel with honeysuckle over the porch instead.

2. We fell upon his neck there in the moonlight and blessed him.

(a) Who is blessed by whom?

Answer: The little boy is blessed by the three men.

(b) Why is he blessed by them?

Answer: The little boy takes them to his house, like a saviour angel, when they were exhausted in their attempt to find a lodging at Datchet.

(c) Where does the person who was blessed take the others and what happens to them there?

Answer: The three men are able to spend the night at the little boy’s house. They had hot dinner served by the little boy’s mother. They had only two beds in the room. The smaller one was taken by Harris, the other shared by the author and George.

Question 7: What do you think these expressions mean?

a. This staggered us for a bit.

Answer: This surprised and unsettled us.

b. Harris rose to the occasion.

Answer: Harris exerted himself to meet the challenge or demand.

c. We must rough it.

Answer: We must live without the usual comforts and conveniences.

d. Two feet of bare leg sticking out.

Answer: Two feet of bare leg extending out, as the bed was too small. (feet here is a measure of length)

So, these were Three Men in a Boat Questions & Answers.

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