The Winged Monkeys Questions & Answers

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The Winged Monkeys Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Dorothy and her friends want to go Emerald city?

Answer: Dorothy and her friends were travelling to the Emerald City to find the brain of Scarecrow and the heart of Tin Woodman.

Question 2: Can you explain why the Winged Monkeys agreed to help Dorothy and others immediately in your own words?

Answer: The Winged Monkey agreed to help Dorothy and others immediately because they had a vow to fulfill three wishes of the wearer of the Golden Cap.

Question 3: Compare Quelala’s response to the joke that Winged Monkey played on him with Gayelette’s response. How and why were their responses different?

Answer: Quelala’s response was very different from Gayelette’s response because he was a man wise beyond his age and Gayelette was very furious as she loved Quelala extremely.

Question 4: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. She lived in a handsome palace built from great blocks of ruby.

(a) Who is being described?

Answer: Gayelette, a beautiful princess, who is also a powerful sorceress is described here.

(b) What do people think of this person?

Answer: Everyone loves her because she uses all her magic to help people and never hurts anyone who was good.

(c) Which details in the story tell us that this person is rich?

Answer: She lives in a palace built from blocks of ruby. Her fiancé is dressed in a rich costume of pink silk and purple velvet.

2. The old fellow loved a joke better than a good dinner.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The King of the winged monkeys says this to Dorothy.

(b) Who is speaker describing?

Answer: The speaker is describing his grandfather.

(c) Write the sentence in your own words while keep the same meaning.

Answer: The person loved to play a trick and laugh more than he loved a good meal.

3. ‘Then Dorothy lost heart.’

(a) What does this mean?

Answer: This means that Dorothy is disappointed and loses her will to carry on.

(b) Why does she lose heart?

Answer: Dorothy loses heart because her companions are convinced that they are lost and that they will never reach Emerald City on time.

(c) What idea does she have after this.

Answer: Dorothy thinks of asking the field mice to help them find their way to Emerald City.

So, these were The Winged Monkeys Questions & Answers.

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