A Debt Made Profit Questions & Answers

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A Debt Made Profit Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why do you think Tortoise did not tell his wife?

Answer: The Tortoise did not inform his wife about the money he owed to Mister Monkey because he thought she would get distressed.

Question 2: What did Tortoise do the first time he saw Mister Monkey coming to his house?

Answer: The first time he saw Mister Monkey coming to his house, Tortoise told his wife that he was going to the town and that he would not be long.

Question 3: How much money did Tortoise owe Mister Monkey?

Answer: Tortoise owed Mister Monkey three months’ salary.

Question 4: Why didn’t Mister Monkey ask Tortesca for some soup?

Answer: Mister Monkey did not ask Tortesca for some soup because he was not a beggar and he wanted to maintain his pride.

Question 5: What do you think Mister Monkey visited Tortoise at the crack of dawn on the last day?

Answer: It was at the crack of dawn that Mister Monkey visited Tortoise’s house for the final time to catch him unaware and because he knew he would be in his house.

Question 6: Where did Tortoise go to think up his plan to trick Mister Monkey?

Answer: Tortoise went inside his own shell to think of a plan to trick Mister Monkey.

Question 7: Where did Tortesca say she got her grinding stone from?

Answer: Tortesca said that she got her grinding stone from her husband as a wedding gift.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘This is too much.’

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Tortoise says this to himself.

(b) What is ‘too much’?

Answer: Mister Monkey coming to his house every day to ask for money is ‘too much’.

(c) What does the speaker decide to do?

Answer: Tortoise decides to teach Mister Monkey a lesson with the help of his wife.

2. I can’t help it that my husband is such a walk about.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Tortesca says these words to Mister Monkey.

(b) Who is speaker referring to?

Answer: The speaker is referring to Tortoise, her husband.

(c) Explain what is meant by a walk-about?

Answer: A ‘walk-about’ is someone who often goes out of the house to take a stroll or run an errand.

Question 9: Words and meaning:

1. What is meant by ‘eat his words’?

Answer: ‘Eat his words’ means having to admit that something one said was wrong.

2. Mister Monkey says Tortoise is playing me up and down like a small boy. Discuss what he means.

Answer: Tortoise had been avoiding meeting Mister Monkey for a long time since he owed him money. This made Mister Monkey angry and he said these words because Tortoise had been treating him like one would a small boy by giving silly excuses.

Question 10: Find the simile in the story to complete the descriptions below:

a. Again came Monkey’s knocks, like a machine gun.
b. Tortoise flew through the air like a rocket.
c. I would break his head like a coconut.
d. His anger had blown itself out like a tornado.
e. Waving his long arms about like a windmill in a hurricane.

So, these were A Debt Made Profit Questions & Answers.

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