The Poet and The Jester Questions & Answers

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The Poet and The Jester Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Vadim want from Mikhailovich?

Answer: Mikhailovich was a close associate of the king and Vadim wanted his help to get to the king’s court.

Question 2: How did Mikhailovich get impressed with Vadim?

Answer: Mikhailovich was very impressed with Vadim’s use of words and fine poems.

Question 3: Why do you think Vadim did not get a good welcome at Mikhailovich’s house?

Answer: Vadim did not get a good welcome at Mikhailovich’s house as Mikhailovich did not recognise Vadim and was very annoyed at being disturbed. He ordered his guards to throw Raman out on the street.

Question 4: Why did Vadim decide to approach the king directly?

Answer: Vadim decided to visit the king to get even with the king’s friend, Mikhailovich.

Question 5: Why do you think Mikhailovich only ‘permitted himself a little smile’?

Answer: Mikhailovich had earlier promised to call Vadim to read his poems to the king. But he had not kept his word. Therefore, when Vadim tricked the magician, Mikhailovich could only permit himself a little smile.

Question 6: Explain the phrases in the context.

a. Made up his mind – made a decision
b. Take aback – shocked or stunned
c. Get even with – to take revenge; to repay in kind
d. Standing apart – separate
e. Tricks up his sleeve – have many other plans ready
f. Get off lightly – be shrugged without embarrassment
g. His blushes were saved – saved from being embarrassed, humiliated

Question 7: Words and meaning:


a. Immensely – to a great extent, extremely
b. Taken aback – shocked or surprised
c. Feeling very sore – feeling hurt
d. Crimson with embarrassment – turn red with embarrassment/extremely embarrassed
e. Trotted off – proceed away briskly

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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