The Toad’s Warts Questions & Answers

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The Toad’s Warts Questions & Answers

Question 1: Can you classify which incidents that took place were actually accidents and which were done on purpose?

Answer: Chemchongsaipa was moving around doing his work, sharpening his weapons when the prawn irritated, bit him. Chemchongsaipa moved towards a tree, in pain, and swung his knife around. The weapon accidentally struck the tree and cut it. The tree dropped a fruit on purpose to hit him but it hit a cock accidentally. The cock scratched the ants’ nests on purpose, who bit the snake, which in turn bit a bear, which crushed a plantain. The bat who lived on the plantain tried to flee but accidentally it flew into the elephant’s ear and bit him. The elephant kicked over a stone mortar which rolled down into an old lady’s house.

Question 2: Of all the animals that got hurt, which in your opinion was affected the most? Give evidence from the text.

Answer: The ants were the most affected. So, they bit the snake on purpose declaring war.

Question 3: Refer to the text and figure out who might have said the following.

1. ‘It’s very dark in here!’ – bat
2. ‘I’ll suck it dry!’ – elephant
3. ‘I must find something to rub on it.’ – bear
4. ‘I’ll build it for you.’ – Chemchongsaipa
5. ‘I’ll soon be in the soup!’ – prawn

Question 4: Put the following sentences in order as they appear in the story.


a. The prawn bit the man in the leg.
b. The man’s sharp weapon cut the tree.
c. The fruit from the tree hit a cock walking by.
d. They attacked a passing snake.
e. It lowered its head and dug furiously.
f. The plant collapsed.
g. It trumpeted and kicked over a stone mortar.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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