The Speed Track Questions & Answers

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The Speed Track Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Dial – the round face of a clock
  • Apace – at a good or fast pace; at a sufficient rate to keep up with
  • Disgrace – shame or loss of respect arising from bad behaviour
  • Milestone – a stone by the side of the road indicating the number of miles to a certain place (here, it stands for the marks indicating the hours)

Question 1: Which hand move faster – the hour hand or minute hand?

Answer: The Minute-hand moves faster than the Hour-hand.

Question 2: Why do you think the hour hand calls the minute hand’s speed a disgrace?

Answer: The Minute-hand’s speed is a disgrace because it moves faster than the Hour-hand.

Question 3: Which hand has to move further?

Answer: The minute-hand has to move further as it has to crossed twelve miles to complete its journey.

Question 4: Examine and compare the speeds of both the hands. Why was one able to achieve more milestones than the other? Could they have both achieved the same number of milestones?

Answer: The Minute-hand had to move faster and had to achieve more milestones than the Hour-hand. Both of them could not achieve the same number of milestones.

Question 5: Which lines/words would you select to show the hands would meet again? What is their reason for meeting again?

Answer: The last and the second last lines show that the two Hands would meet again.

But we shall meet again, good sir,’ said he,
‘The road that we are following is circular, you see!’

They have to meet again as their road is circular and they would be meeting each other after every round of their journey completes.

Question 6: Do you think the title ‘The Speed Track’ is appropriate for the poem? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, the title is appropriate as the Minute and Hour hands of the clock follow a circular path. The Minute’s hand is speeding along this path or track, whereas the Hour’s hand creeps along. This is why the poem is appropriately titled as ‘The Speed Track’.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

And I must call at each of the following of these before my journey’s done.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The Minute-hand says these words to the Hour-hand.

(b) Why is this explanation being given?

Answer: The Hour-hand could never keep pace with the Minute-hand and says that the speed at which the Minute-hand moves is a disgrace.

(c) What does ‘each of these’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Each of these’ refers to the twelve milestones (numbers on the dial) on the circular path of the Minute-hand.

Question 8: Words and meaning:

a. Grandfather clock – tall pendulum clock enclosed in a wooden case

b. 24-hour clock – This clock uses a 24-hour system. 1:00 a.m. is written as 01:00 hours. 1:00 p.m. is written as 13:00 hours, and 12:00 midnight is 24:00 hours.

c. Digital – dealing with numbers or digits

d. Stopwatch – watch which can be started and stopped at will for timing races

e. Kph – kilometres per hour; unit of speed

f. pm – post meridian, after noon

g. am – ante meridian, before noon

h. Sundial – an instrument to show the time of day by the shadow cast by the sun

So, these were The Speed Track Questions & Answers.

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