Through Grandpa’s Eyes Questions & Answers

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Through Grandpa’s Eyes Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) Who lived in an old wooden house?

i. John
ii. Peter
iii. Maggie

(b) When John tried to exercise with his eyes closed,

i. he somehow managed to exercise with his Grandpa
ii. he fell sideways
iii. he fell on his Grandpa

(c) “Conk-a-ree,” the bird calls to us. Name the bird

i. a red winged black bird
ii. a woodpecker
iii. a peacock

Question 2: How does John describe his Grandpa?

Answer: John describes his Grandpa as a tall person with dark hair. His eyes are sharp blue even though he cannot see through his eyes, which means his Grandpa is blind. However, he does not see the things the way we do, he has his own way of seeing things.

Question 3: What was the colour of Grandpa’s eyes?

Answer: Grandpa had sharp blue eyes.

Question 4: How do John and his Grandpa do the following things differently?

(a) Waking up in the morning

Answer: John wakes up in the morning when the sunlight hits his eyes through the curtain of his room. He tries to cover himself with the sheet to avoid the sunlight and then finally give up and run to his Grandpa’s room. However, according to Grandpa, the sunlight touches him and he feels the warmth of it and wakes up.

(b) Playing cello

Answer: John plays cello with a music stand and sheets of music in front of him. He knows how to play the music, however, he needs the help of music sheets. However, Grandpa plays without any music sheets. It’s there on his fingertips, he remembers every musical note and plays them.

(c) Observing the sculptures

Answer: John observes the sculptures with his eyes and see what his eyes show him, whereas Grandpa observes the sculptures through his hands, his fingers which are soft and quick like butterflies. He even asks John to feel the sculpture with his three middle fingers.

(d) Reading

Answer: John reads the book by seeing through his eyes, whereas Grandpa reads his book with his fingers, feeling the raised braille dots that tell him the words.

Through Grandpa’s Eyes Questions & Answers

Question 5: What method does Nana suggest to differentiate between various smells?

Answer: Nana suggested John to close his eyes and identify the smell of different items of his breakfast kept there. In this way he was able to differentiate between the smell of eggs, toast and marigolds.

Question 6: ‘She says it sternly. But Grandpa is right. Her voice smiles to me.’

(a) Who speaks sternly?

Answer: Nana speaks sternly.

(b) What does she say?

Answer: She asked John to go to sleep.

Question 7: How did John and his Grandpa spend their time between breakfast and lunch?

Answer: After the breakfast, both John and Grandpa played music on cello, observed and discussed the sculpture that Nana was working on, they went out for a walk across the field towards the river. They spoke about the wind, the meadow grass and the birds as they walk back to the house for lunch.

Question 8: Describe John and his Grandpa in your own words.

Answer: John is a young boy. He is curious to know how is Grandpa looks at things without his eyes. He tries to look at the world around him the way his Grandpa feels and observes everything.

John’s Grandpa is a blind man, however, he looks at the things around him by his senses. He designs a beautiful picture of everything around him by his touch, smell and listening to them. This quality of Grandpa fascinates John who tries to look at the world through his Grandpa’s eyes (vision).

Question 9: Why do you think Grandpa’s house was John’s favourite?

Answer: John was fascinated by his Grandpa’s way of looking at things. Though his Grandpa was blind, however, he looked at things with his touch, smell and by listening. John enjoyed looking at things through his Grandpa’s eyes, that is the reason his Grandpa’s house was his favourite.

Question 10: Throw light on Nana’s role in Grandpa’s life.

Answer: Nana plays an important role in Grandpa’s life. She prepares food, helps him having food while placing them in the clock format, so it is easy for him to understand the various item kept in the plate. Spends time with him, while working on her clay sculptures or reading books or having other discussions. She is a perfect partner for Grandpa.

Question 11: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.
“It looks like me,”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Grandpa is the speaker.

(b) Who is the listener?

Answer: There are two listeners – Nana and John

(c) What does ‘It’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the clay sculpture.

(d) How does the speaker know that ‘It’ looks like him/her?

Answer: Grandpa knows that ‘It’ looks like him by running his hands over the sculpture.

So, these were Through Grandpa’s Eyes Questions & Answers.

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