Thunder and Anansi Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Thunder and Anansi Questions & Answers.

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Thunder and Anansi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. Anansi could not get food for his family because

(a) the market was very far off.
(b) he was too lazy to earn money.
(c) there was a famine in the land.

2. To feed his family, Anansi determined to get

(a) a well-paying job.
(b) food from the market despite the difficulty.
(c) a few nuts from a palm tree growing on an island.

3. Anansi was able to pluck a lot of nuts from the palm tree but

(a) they were all spoilt.
(b) they rolled far away.
(c) they fell into the sea.

4. Anansi learnt a lesson

(a) while enjoying a good meal.
(b) when the magic pot was stolen.
(c) when the magic stick beat him severely.

Question 2: Arrange the sentences in correct order:


…5…The cooking pot was magical and produced tasty food.
…2…He did not drown; he reached an underwater cottage.
…4…After hearing Anansi’s sad story, Thunder gave him a cooking pot.
…1…When all the nuts fell into the water, Anansi also jumped into the water.
…7…Anansi became plumper while his family grew thinner due to lack of food.
…3…The cottage belonged to Thunder, who asked Anansi what the matter was.
…8…His family began to wonder why Anansi was not growing thinner like them.
…6…Selfish and greedy Anansi did not show the pot to his family but hid it in his room.

Question 3: Why did Anansi travel in a broken boat?

Answer: Anansi travelled in a broken boat because he did not have a boat of his own to cross the sea and get to the island.

Question 4: Why did Anansi jump into the water after having failed to get the nuts in the boat?

Answer: Anansi jumped into the water because he could not bear the thought of going home empty-handed.

Question 5: Why did Anansi keep getting plumper?

Answer: Anansi kept growing plumper as he hid the magic pot from the family and whenever he felt hungry, he enjoyed a good meal without sharing it with his family.

Question 6: When Anansi reached the palm tree the second time, the nuts he dropped fell into the boat instead of taking them back to his family, he threw the nuts into the water. Did he do right thing? Justify your answer.

Answer: No, he did a wrong thing. He was greedy and wanted to reach Thunder’s cottage in the hope of another magical gift.

Question 7: Why do you think Thunder gave a stick to Anansi the second time?

Answer: Thunder gave him a stick the second time to teach him a lesson.

Question 8: The character of Anansi changes as the story progresses. How?

Answer: In the beginning, Anansi was determined to feed his family during famine but on getting the magic pot, he became greedy and selfish.

So, these were Thunder and Anansi Questions & Answers.

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