Tom Paints The Fence Questions & Answers

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Tom Paints The Fence Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Fence – a structure that divides two areas of land, similar to a wall but made of wood or wire
  • Pavement – a flat part at the side of a road for people to walk on hollow
  • Hollow – having a hole or an empty space inside an object
  • Existence – being real or living
  • Magnificent – extremely attractive and impressive
  • Resume – begins again
  • Dreading – to be very afraid of something

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What did Tom plan to do on Saturday?

i. go to school
ii. do homework
iii. go for swimming

(b) Tom did not want the boys to see him whitewashing because they would ________

i. make fun of him
ii. tell their teacher
iii. throw mud at the fence

(c) How did Tom make Ben and others paint the fence?

i. by bribing them with money
ii. by pretending painting to be fun
iii. by threatening them

(d) Tom was really in wealth at the end of the day, because_______

i. many boys paid him
ii. aunt Polly gave him money
iii. he sold the paint

(e) What did aunt Polly give him for painting the fence?

i. a doorknob
ii. an apple
iii. a new dress

Question 2: What was the name of Tom’s aunt? Why was he living with his aunt?

Answer: Tom’s aunt name was Polly. He was living with his aunt because his mother had passed away.

Question 3: How did Aunt Polly prove that she was strict?

Answer: All the boys were on a holiday on Saturdays but Aunt Polly asked Tom to whitewash the fence on Saturday. This proves that she was strict.

Question 4: What work was assigned to Tom to do?

Answer: Tom was assigned the work of whitewashing the fence around Aunt Polly’s house.

Question 5: Describe the feelings of Tom when his aunt asked him to paint the fence.

Answer: On surveying the fence he had to whitewash, to him life seemed hollow and existence a burden.

Question 6: How did Tom become rich with gifts by the end of the day?

Answer: Tom pretended to be so involved in his work that his friends became more and more interested in it. They wanted to try it but Tom pretended as if he was not willing to give them a chance. So, the boys offered him a different gift each and took a chance to paint. That is how, at the end of the day, Tom had many gifts with him.

Question 7: What does it mean to ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’?

Answer: It means that if you do not punish a child for his wrong deeds and pamper him, he will become disobedient and will not learn what is right for him.

So, these were Tom Paints The Fence Questions & Answers.

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