My Painted House My Friendly Chicken and Me Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share My Painted House My Friendly Chicken and Me Questions & Answers.

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My Painted House My Friendly Chicken and Me Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Snatch – quickly seize something in a rude way
  • Hope – a feeling of expectation for a particular thing to happen
  • Feather – soft, light and hairy thing that covers a bird’s body
  • Pattern – a particular way in which something is done, organized
  • Fringed – having a decorative border of hanging threads for clothing
  • Pretend – to give a false appearance of being, possessing or performing
  • Penny whistles – flute like wind instrument
  • City folk – city people
  • Errand – a short journey either to take or collect something
  • Squirmy – to twist about in a wriggling, snake like motion

Question 1: Write true or false:

(a) Thandi’s chicken listens to her stories and has other uses – True
(b) Ndebele people call everything beautiful – False
(c) All Ndebele women paint their houses – True
(d) Thandi’s father built them small houses and her mother painted them – True
(e) Thandi’s brother is not so mischievous – False

Question 2: Who is Thandi? Who is her best friend?

Answer: Thandi is an eight years old Ndebele girl in South Africa. Her best friend is a chicken.

Question 3: How does Thandi snatch a feather from her chicken?

Answer: While playing with the chicken, Thandi takes the chicken’s mind off what’s going on. When the chicken is distracted, she very quickly snatches a feather or two from it.

Question 4: What are the two hopes of Thandi?

Answer: The first hope is her name. Thandi means hope in her language. The second hope is that at the end the reader won’t be a stranger to her anymore. He will have known much about her. Hence, she can say “Good-bye friend” instead of saying “Good-bye stranger friend”.

Question 5: What, according to Thandi, what are some of the points to be kept in mind while painting?

Answer: According to Thandi, while painting, one should have strong eyes. One’s hand must not shake while drawing a straight line with a chicken’s feather. The pattern must be clear inside one’s head and the legs must be strong to reach the high walls.

Question 6: Describe the clothing of Ndebele women.

Answer: The Ndebele women probably wear the amaphotho (a beaded apron) and the ghabi (the fringed lion flap) on special occasions. The women would wear blankets and decorate themselves with neck rings and leg rings. They would probably prefer beads a lot.

Question 7: Why couldn’t Thandi brother be friends with chicken?

Answer: To be friends with chicken, one should know how to speak to animals. They should speak softly to them. But Thandi’s brother can’t help shouting and the chicken runs away.

Question 8: What did Thandi say about her best friend chicken?

Answer: Thandi said that the chicken listened to her stories. She could snatch one or two feathers of her chicken and they would be useful for her. Her chicken ran away from her only when she was on her errands. When her chicken was free, Thandi took her in her arms and talked to her. She told her chicken all her secrets. Her chicken easily understood her words. The chicken too could talk all she wanted.

So, these were My Painted House My Friendly Chicken and Me Questions & Answers.

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