What’s New in Chrome 76 – Arriving July 30th

What’s New in Chrome 76 – Arriving July 30th

Hi Everybody!! Today, I am going to share somethingdifferent. This post is related to the new version of Google Chromewhich is Chrome 76. In this blog, you will read about the new featuresof Chrome 76. This update brings some serious changes to the web. So,let’s see the new features.

What’s New in Chrome 76 – Arriving July 30th

Flash Disabled by Default

Google Chrome in the new Chrome 76 block AdobeFlash Player by default. But, you can easily re-enable using the clickto play mode.

Automatic Dark Mode

In Chrome 76, some website will now have the ability to automatically enable the dark mode if you’ve chosen it.

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Websites Can’t Detect Incognito Mode

Previously, sites could detect that you are inIncognito Mode by making a FileSystem API request. But, now this will bedisabled and websites will not be able to track that you are in Incognito Mode.Some websites use this to block users visiting them using Incognito.

This spoils the user experience with Chrome. Blockingusers in Incognito mode is not good, and that’s why Google added this feature.

Websites Can’t Hijack the Escape Key

You never use the Escape Key while interacting with awebsite and you never will. But, you may use the Escape Key to stop a site toload. The Escape Key lets you close a popup, dialog boxes, etc.

But, some malicious websites hijacked the Escape Keysand forced Chrome to show popups to the users. Now, that won’t work as the EscapeKey belong to the browser itself.

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Easy Install of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are the websites that turn into a local app foryou to use it. In Chrome 76, if a site supports PWA, you will see an installbutton at the right side of the URL box.

Easy-to-Clear Notifications on Chrome OS

If you hate clearing notifications in Chrome OS, thisupdate will make it easier for you.

The latest update moves the Clear All button to top which is no more scrolling.

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Web Developer Updates

As usual, Chrome 76 has several changesfor web developers. Also, the ChromeDeveloper Tools have some new functions.

So, this was all about the new features and updates in Chrome 76. If you found this post informative then, please share it with your colleagues. You may also like some of these posts:-

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