When Sachin Walks Out To Bat Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share When Sachin Walks Out To Bat Questions & Answers.

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When Sachin Walks Out To Bat Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Deafening noise – here, excessively loud cheering
  • Fever-pitch – state of extreme excitement
  • Hitch – give a jerk, move suddenly
  • Look askance – here, be surprised
  • Hostile – not friendly
  • Handsome clout – here, a generous blow with the bat
  • Clip past point – a quick hit which lets the ball go past the point
  • Drive to cover – a kind of cricket shot

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) There’s a hush around the ground and then the deafening sound.
(b) He gives a little hitch of shoulders as he takes his stance.
(c) He just steps out and gives the ball a handsome clout.
(d) He strikes a balance between being a humble and proud.

Question 2: Arrange the events in correct order:


…4…He gives the field a friendly glance.
…1…Voice rises to fever-pitch.
…6…Sachin steps out to hit the ball.
…5…He focuses on the ball.
…2…Sachin comes in to bat.
…3…He takes his stance.

Question 3: What is the reaction of the crowd when Sachin enters the field?

Answer: When Sachin enters the field, the crowd gets very excited and gives a loud cheer.

Question 4: What do you mean by a ‘deafening sound’?

Answer: ‘Deafening sound’ means excessively loud cheering.

Question 5: According to the poet, what makes Sachin a ‘wonder-man’?

Answer: According to the poet, years of practice that Sachin has made and his true love for the game makes him a ‘wonder-man’.

Question 6: Sachin does not ‘fret’ about either the fielders or the bowler. What does he focus on? What quality does this show?

Answer: Sachin does not ‘fret’ about either the fielders or the bowler because he focuses on the game and his own participation as a batsman in it. The players of the opposition team do not make him anxious. This shows that he is confident and cares about his performance.

Question 7: It is only a ‘simple clout’ that Sachin delivers? What is the secret that lies behind his game and makes him a ‘wonder-man’?

Answer: Sachin delivers not just a clout, but a hit that goes high in the air and into the crowd. It is a clout that shows years of practice and a lot of skill. Sachin’s secret behind his success is that he loves the game of cricket.

So, these were When Sachin Walks Out To Bat Questions & Answers.

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