An Information Bureau Summary & Questions & Answers

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An Information Bureau Summary & Questions & Answers


This poem is written from the child’s perspective about his/her mother. It isabout the “information bureau” at home which is none other than, our mothers and the poet says that his/her mother is like aninformation bureau because the whole family depends on her for information regarding everything. The poet further says that the mother is always there to find a solution to the problem that each and every member of the family has to face and has wonderfully sketched the important position that a mother holds in our life. He compares her with the information bureau which is always there at our service. She always takes care of her family comprising of all generations – ranging from grandparents to the youngest of children. She knows the answer of very important question – “Where is?” Whether it is a father’s hat, a misplaced book of Jack, lost specs of grandma, his sister’s scarf, Dave’s new tennis ball, grandpa’s new pair of gloves or even the poet’s notebook which he had lost a day before, the exact location is always given by the poet’s mother. Very meticulously, she keeps everyone’s belongings very safe and that is what makes her very loving and appreciating in the family.

Question 1: What is an information bureau?

Answer: An information bureau is a place where one can find information about something.

Question 2: Why is a mother like an information bureau?

Answer: A mother is like an information bureau because she always has the answers to the family’s question and is willing to find a solution to the problems that the family members face.

Question 3: “I’ve lost my notebook, Mother. I had it yesterday.” Who do you think said these words? Why is the person not mentioned in the poem?

Answer: These words were said by the child/poet. The person is not mentioned in the poem as he/she is telling the poem himself/herself.

Question 4: Write the names of the objects that these members lose:

(a) Jack

Answer: Book

(b) Father

Answer: Hat

(c) Dave

Answer: NewTennis Ball

(d) Grandpa

Answer: Gloves

(e) Grandma

Answer: Spectacles

(f) Sister

Answer: Scarf

So, this was An Information Bureau Summary & Questions & Answers.

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