Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright Questions & Answers

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Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Glider – a light aircraft that flies without an engine
  • Soda-pop – a sweet fizzy drink made with soda water, fruit flavour and sometimes ice cream
  • Skinned – to rub the skin off part of your body by accident
  • Patching up – treating somebody’s injuries temporarily

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Looking at the birds, Orville thought that

Answer: even though humans were not physically equipped to fly, they could try other methods to be able to do so.

(b) The Wright brothers_________making efficient glider, working togther and encouraging each other

Answer: persisted in

(c) They carried out______experiments, some of which ended in mishaps.

Answer: multiple

(d) Their accidents during their attempt to fly________them.

Answer: failed to discourage

(e) Their persistence and hard work bore fruit when.

Answer: their airplane remained airborne for a while.

(f) It seemed that the Wright had given humans.

Answer: wings to fly

Question 2: These birds are very trying,
I am sick of hearing them cheep-cheep
About the fun of flying

Orville Wright was sick of hearing birds cheep because

Answer: he felt envious of their ability to fly.

Question 3: And bought each other soda-pop
And praised each other’s daring

These lines illustrate the fact that Wilbur and Orville

Answer: supported and encouraged each other

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

But not till Man forget his wings
Will men forget the Wright

(a) What does the word ‘man’ stand for?

Answer: Here, ‘Man’ stands for all mankind.

(b) What are the wings mentioned here?

Answer: The wings mentioned are those of the aeroplane that have made it possible for men to fly.

(c) Who will the people never forget?

Answer: The people will never forget the Wright brothers.

(d) Why will they be not able to forget them ever?

Answer: The poet says that as long as people are able to continue flying in the sky, they will never forget the Wright brothers, as we owe our learnings to their initial efforts and attempts that eventually resulted in success.

Question 5: What according to you is the theme of the poem?

Answer: I think the theme of the poem is to preserve at a task and never give up despite the setbacks. Even though no one had ever demonstrated how the process of flying could be turned into a possibility, the Wright brothers never gave up dreaming. Though they suffered many failed attempts, they continued to encourage each other and carry on.

Question 6: Find the words from the poem that mean the following:

(a) Hurt themselves/got hurt

Answer: Skinned

(b) Ready to admit

Answer: Freely grant

(c) A formidable task

Answer: Not a bed of roses

(d) Ability to fly/travel through air

Answer: How to rule the air

So, these were Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright Questions & Answers.