The Scholarship Jacket Questions & Answers

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The Scholarship Jacket Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Martha expect to win the scholarship jacket? Who in the family had won it before?

Answer: Martha expected to win the scholarship jacket because she was currently in the eighth grade and had earned straight as since the first grade. Martha’s elder sister Rosie had won the jacket a few years before.

Question 2: With whom did Martha live? Why?

Answer: Martha lived with her grandparents. She was being raised by her grandparents as her father, a farm labourer was not able to feed all his eight children.

Question 3: Choose the correct option:

(a) Martha hoped to get the scholarship jacket because

Answer: she had scored ‘A’ grade all through her eight years of school.

(b) Martha and her siblings were unable to take up sports because

Answer: they were unable to bear the various expenses that went with it.

(c) Martha’s grandfather refused to pay the fifteen dollars for the scholarship jacket because

Answer: it was unfair to ask money for the scholarship jacket on ehad earned.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

I couldn’t believe it. It still remembers the shock that rooted me flat against the wall as if I were trying to blend in with the graffiti written there.

(a) Where is the narrator?

Answer: The narrator is in her classroom.

(b) What is it that she fails to believe?

Answer: She fails to believe the conversation she eavesdrops on. She hears her teachers Mr Schmidt who teaches history and Mr Boone who teaches math argue. While Mr Boone is trying to convince Mr Schmidt that they should falsify Martha’s records to make Joann win the scholarship blazer, Mr Schmidt is against doing anything of the sort.

(c) Why was she rooted against the wall?

Answer: She was rooted against the wall because she did not want her teachers to know that she had been listening in on their conversation.

(d) What do the words ‘blend in with the graffiti’ mean?

Answer: The phrase means, trying to blend in with the wall. Martha remembers the shock of hearing herself discussed by the teachers. She was so shocked that she was almost trying to blend in with the surroundings, as she did not want to be discovered. The situation also seemed to be so unreal that she just wanted to be one with her surroundings and disappear from it.

The Scholarship Jacket Questions & Answers

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

I knew what it was about and decided I wasn’t going to make it easier for him so I looked him straight in the eye.

(a) Who is the other person referred to here?

Answer: The other person being referred to here is the principal of Martha’s school.

(b) Where are the narrator and other person at this point?

Answer: At this point, the narrator and the principal are in the principal’s office.

(c) What previous knowledge did the narrator have?

Answer: At this point, the narrator knew that the principal and other staff were considering the possibility of letting Joann win the jacket as her father was an influential person, even though Martha was the one who had rightfully earned it with her grades.

(d) In what state of mind does the other person appear to be?

Answer: The principal appeared to be uncomfortable and unhappy with the state of affairs. He tried not to make eye contact and fidgeted with the papers on his desk.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

I wanted that jacket so much. It was more than just being valedictorian and giving a little thank you speech for the jacket on graduation night. It represents eight years of hard work and expectation.

(a) Who wanted the jacket badly?

Answer: Martha wanted the jacket badly.

(b) Who would be the valedictorian? What would he/she be asked to do on the day of the graduation?

Answer: The valedictorian would be the one who would be awarded the scholarship jacket on the graduation day of the eighth grade. On the day of the graduation, he/she would be asked to give a thank-you speech once the jacket was presented to him/her.

(c) Did the speaker want the jacket to obtain the honor to give the valedictory speech of graduation day? What did she want it for?

Answer: No, Martha did not the jacket simply to give thank-you speech on er graduation day. To her, the jacket symbolized all the hard work she had put in over the past eight years, working consistently towards a goal to win the jacket.

Question 7: Why was it important for Martha to get the scholarship jacket?

Answer: It was important for Martha to win the scholarship jacket, especially given her economic circumstances. She came from a very humble background, with her father unable to care for her basic needs. That iswhy she was being raised by her grandparents. Even though she was athletic, she could not be a part of the school sports teams, given the expenses required. Therefore, this jacket was her only chance to prove to others how meritorious she was. She had been consistently getting ‘A’ grades for the past eight years and she was very keen to win this jacket to motivate her for her future too.

Question 8: What kind of person was Martha?

Answer: Martha has worked consistently over the past eight years, earning straight As to qualify her for this award. Even though she comes from a very humble background, she has never let any limitations get in her way. She has always put in her best in studies and the results of that are clear for everyone to see today. Martha is not just good in studies, she is quite athletic too. We wish her all the best for her future and hope she continues to shine on.

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