It Couldn’t Be Done Questions & Answers

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It Couldn’t Be Done Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Marathon – a long race of about 42 kilometres
  • Chuckle – laugh quietly
  • Buckled – fastened something or to start to do something seriously
  • Tackle – to make a determined effort to deal with a difficult problem
  • Prophesy – to say what will happen in future
  • Scoffed – talked about something or somebody in a way that made it clear that you think they are stupid
  • Assail – attack something violently, either physically or with words

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The young man’s colleagues told him that he couldn’t

Answer: complete the marathon.

(b) They said this because they believed that he was

Answer: overweight and unfit for that kind of exercise.

(c) The young man told them that he

Answer: would not give up without trying

(d) He succeeded in completing the marathon with the help of

Answer: his own persistence and positive attitude

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

…..but he would be one who wouldn’t say so till he tried.

(a) What is the young man responding to?

Answer: The young man is responding to the situation in his office where his colleagues feel that he won’t be able to participate in the marathon because he is fat and unfit.

(b) What will he try to do?

Answer: He will try to get healthy and participate in the marathon.

(c) What quality of the young man is displayed here?

Answer: The young man’s persistence against the odds is displayed here.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

What a lift of his chin of a grin/without any doubting or quiddit

(a) When did the young man do this?

Answer: The young man did this in preparation of the marathon.

(b) Which words show that he did not despair and cut corners?

Answer: The words ‘without any doubting or quiddit’ show that he did not despair and cut corners. He remained committed to working hard towards his vision.

(c) What attitude do these acts or words display?

Answer: These acts or words display his attitude of never giving up.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

There are thousands to point out to you one by one/the danger that assail you….

(a) Which danger are being talked about?

Answer: The dangers being talked about here are those of failing.

(b) When do people usually point out the difficulties and dangers of something?

Answer: People usually point out the difficulties and dangers of something when they themselves are not confident of attaining that. Therefore, they try to discourage others from such goals too.

Question 5: Would you call the young man ‘a motivated person’? What make him so?

Answer: Yes, the young man is definitely ‘a motivated person’. He sticks to his commitment and continues to work towards it diligently. At the beginning, even he does not know whether his efforts will lead to success. However, he does not want to give up before trying.

Question 6: The best way to tackle a difficult problem or a tricky task is to get down to it with determination without paying heed to pessimistic suggestions. How does the poem illustrate this?

Answer: The poem illustrates this with the powerful example of a person being dissuaded by his colleagues from participating in a marathon. Since the young man likes to eat, is quite fat and leads a sedentary lifestyle, everyone around him tells him that he can’t do it. However, it is his willpower and determination to succeed alone that drives him over the next few months. He makes drastic changes in his lifestyle (from exercising regularly to bringing in changes in his diet) to make sure that he is able to achieve his goal.

Question 7: Do you think self-image is important in one’s life?

Answer: Yes, self-image is important in one’s life. It is important to have a high sense of one’s worth, without being arrogant about it, so that one can appreciate one’s strength and take it to greater heights.

So, these were It Couldn’t Be Done Questions & Answers.

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