Huck Meets The Duke and The King Questions & Answers

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Huck Meets The Duke and The King Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Heaved – lift with great effort
  • Lineal – in a direct line of descent or ancestry
  • Exiled – having been expelled and barred from one’s native country
  • Humbugs – deceptive or false talk or behaviour

Question 1: Why were Jim and the narrator shocked?

Answer: Jim and the narrator were shocked when the young man solemnly and in confidence told them the secret of his birth. He said he was born a duke.

Question 2: What kind of life was the young man leading?

Answer: The young man felt that though he was the rightful Duke of Bridgewater, he was forlorn, torn from his estate, degraded, hunted by men, despised by the cold world, tired and heart-broken. He felt that it was his fault for the kind of life he was leading.

Question 3: How do you think the narrator knew that the young man and the old man were liars?

Answer: The young man said that he was the rightful Duke of Bridgewater. He asked Jim and the narrator to do something as frivolous as wait upon him and address him as ‘your Grace’/‘My Lord’ in order to make him feel better. The old man cried and declared that he was the Dauphin. He couldn’t correctly pronounce his name or the names of his parents.

Question 4: What was the best way to be in peace and deal with the people according to the narrator?

Answer: The narrator had learnt from his father that the best way to get along with people is to let them have their own way. He had no objections to doing that as long as it would keep peace in the family.

Question 5: What did the young man want the others to do after learning about his secret of birth?

Answer: Jim and the narrator pitied him and tried to comfort him, but he said if they could acknowledge him, that would do him better than anything else. They agreed they would, provided he told them how. He said they ought to bow when they spoke to him, and say ‘Your Grace’ or ‘My Lord,’ or ‘Your Lordship’ and he wouldn’t mind it if they called him ‘Bridgewater’ which he said was his title anyway. And one of them ought to wait on him at dinner and do any little thing for him that he wanted to be done.

Question 6: Why was the old man in tears?

Answer: The old man didn’t look comfortable over all that was going on around the ‘duke’. He seemed to have something on his mind. So, he told the ‘duke’ that although he was sorry for him, he was not the only person who had problems like that. He was not the only person who had a secret of his birth. Saying this he began to cry. He narrated that he was the poor disappeared Dauphin- ‘Looy the Seventeen’. He was the wandering, exiled, trampled-on and suffering rightful King of France.

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