Around The World With A Chilli Questions & Answers

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Around The World With A Chilli Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Appu’s mother was making fish curry for lunch – False
2. Appu was twelve years old – True
3. Ajar Uchu came from North America – False
4. The Inca gods sent four brothers to help the South American people – True
5. Chilli is a vegetable and not a fruit – False
6. The African continent separated India from Mexico – True

Question 2: Name a few things that grew around Appu’s house.

Answer: Things growing around Appu’s house included coconut, mango, chiku trees, brinjals, tomatoes, bottle gourd, and more.

Question 3: How did Appu find the exact location of Mexico?

Answer: Appu found the location of Mexico by using a globe that he had received as a gift on his last birthday.

Question 4: Why was Appu distracted in his classes?

Answer: Appu was distracted in his classes because he was thinking about the talking plant.

Question 5: Who was Ajar Uchu? What role did Inca gods play in his existence?

Answer: Ajar Uchu is the Spirit of Chillies, and the Inca gods played a role in his existence by sending him to ‘pepper up’ the life of the people.

Question 6: How did chilli become one of the most loved fruits?

Answer: Chilli became one of the most loved fruits because it was used to spice up the region’s bland food of corn flour and potatoes, and the kings demanded tribute in the form of ripe and dried chillies.

Question 7: How did the chilli plant travel from Mexico to India?

Answer: The chilli plant travelled from Mexico to India through the explorations of Christopher Columbus, who brought chilli back to Spain from the Americas.

Question 8: Why did Christopher Columbus want to come to India?

Answer: Christopher Columbus wanted to come to India because he was searching for black pepper (kali mirch) to spice up food.

Around The World With A Chilli Questions & Answers

Question 9: How was Indian pepper used during the Roman empire?

Answer: During the Roman empire, Indian pepper was used to spice up meat dishes, and it was highly valued by wealthy people.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘I am tens of thousands of miles away from home, and so your care means a lot to me.’

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is Ajar Uchu – the Spirit of Chillies.

(b) Where is the speaker’s home?

Answer: The speaker’s home is in Mexico.

(c) What ‘care’ is the speaker talking about?

Answer: The ‘care’ speaker is talking about is Appu watering chilli plants after a hot day in the garden.

2. “It’s a kind of tax people pay to the king.”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is Ajar Uchu – the Spirit of Chillies.

(b) The meaning of which word is the speaker trying to explain?

Answer: The speaker is trying to explain the meaning of the word “tribute”.

(c) What did the kings ‘demand in the form of tax’?

Answer: The kings demanded ripe and dried chillies as tribute.

3. Appu was amused by the thought that Columbus came to look for kali mirch and took home hari mirch and lal mirch instead!

(a) Who was Columbus?

Answer: Columbus was an Italian captain.

(b) Where was Columbus going in search of kali mirch?

Answer: Columbus was going in search of kali mirch (black pepper) to India.

(c) Why did Columbus take hari mirch and lal mirch instead?

Answer: Columbus took hari mirch and lal mirch (red and green chillies) instead because he believed he had reached India and thought these were spices similar to black pepper.

Question 11: Appu comes across as a curious boy. Find examples from the story to support this statement.

Answer: Examples of Appu’s curiosity can be found in his interest in the talking plant, his immediate desire to learn more about Mexico and the world, and his excitement about the Age of Discovery.

Question 12: Do fruits and vegetables actually have their spirits living inside them? What do you think the author is trying to teach us through this story?

Answer: No, fruits and vegetables do not have spirits living inside them in reality. The author uses this story to teach us about the history of the chilli’s journey and its cultural significance, as well as to spark curiosity and appreciation for the origins of food.

Question 13: Why was Ajar Uchu happy with Appu? What does this tell us?

Answer: Ajar Uchu was happy with Appu because Appu cared for the chilli plants and was interested in its story. This tells us that care and attention to plants can be meaningful and appreciated.

Question 14: Ajar Uchu was one of the brothers sent by the gods to ‘pepper up’ the life of the people. What does this statement mean?

Answer: The statement means that Ajar Uchu, the spirit inside chillies, was sent by the gods to add flavor and spice to the lives of the people. It symbolizes how the introduction of chillies spiced up the local cuisine and became an important part of their culture.

So, these were Around The World With A Chilli Questions & Answers.

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