A Christmas Carol Questions & Answers

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A Christmas Carol Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Spirit – a supernatural being
  • Tombstone – a large, flat inscribed stone standing or laid over a grave
  • Graveyard – a burial ground, especially one beside a church
  • Kin – one’s family and relations
  • Tidings – information

Question 1: When does the story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ begin?

Answer: The story of ‘A Christmas Carol began a day before Christmas.

Question 2: Who is Bob Cratchit? What does he want from Scrooge?

Answer: Bob Cratchit is Scrooge’s clerk. He wants a day leave from Scrooge.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
‘Oh, this is me. Look, I was very happy in the past.’

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Ebenezer Scrooge is the speaker.

(b) What does the speaker see that makes him say so?

Answer: The speaker saw that a Christmas party was going on with music and dance and young Scrooge was dancing and singing with other people.

(c) What does the speaker begin to do after this?

Answer: The speaker began to dance and hum with others.

Question 4: How does Scrooge react when Cratchit tells him that it’s Christmas tomorrow?

Answer: Scrooge reacted by saying that Christmas is humbug! We need to make money so, he must come to work.

Question 5: Jacob Marley is described as ‘strange visitor’. Why?

Answer: Jacob Marley is described as strange visitor because he was dead and he was a ghost.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:
‘Thank you for this wonderful family. Amen’.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Bob Cratchit is the speaker.

(b) Why does the speaker say so?

Answer: The speaker said so because they don’t have money, but they are happy today, because they have got each other.

(c) Use one word to describe the speaker based on the above line.

Answer: Humble is the word to describe the speaker.

(d) Name any other family member of the speaker?

Answer: Little Tim

Question 7: Who are the three spirits that Marley informs Scrooge about?

Answer: The three spirits that Marley informed Scrooge about are:
Ist spirit – Ghost of Christmas Past
IInd spirit – Ghost of Christmas Present
IIIrd spirit – Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Question 8: Who is Little Tim? What is wrong with him?

Answer: Little Tim is Bob Cratchit’s son. He is very ill but his family had no money for medicine.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
‘Just like your good friend Marley!’

(a) Who says this to Scrooge?

Answer: The first spirit says this to Scrooge.

(b) How were Marley and Scrooge related?

Answer: Marley and Scrooge were partners.

(c) Where does the spirit take Scrooge? What does it show him?

Answer: The spirit took Scrooge to the graveyard. It wanted to show him his grave.

So, these were A Christmas Carol Questions & Answers.

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