A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers

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A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers

Question 1: How old was Schatz? What disease was he suffering from?

Answer: Schatz was nine years old and he was suffering from influenza.

Question 2: ‘His face was white’. Consider the expression on this boy’s face. What mood does it convey?

Answer: ‘His face was white’, it conveyed that boy looked ill, as he was shivering and he walked slowly as if he had pain while moving.

Question 3: Was the boy’s ailment serious? What did the doctor advise?

Answer: The boy did have high fever; however, it was not a serious ailment as per the doctor. The doctor gave three different coloured capsules and the instruction on their dosage. He also said that there is nothing to worry about if the fever did not go above one hundred and four degrees. This was a light epidemic flu and there was no danger if they avoided pneumonia.

Question 4: What is the relationship of the author with Schatz? Which line gives you that information?

Answer: Author is related as father to the boy Schatz, which is evident from the line – After a while he said to me, ‘You don’t have to stay in here with me, Papa, if it bothers you.’

Question 5: ‘I took the young Irish setter up the road and along a frozen creek’. Who does the young Irish setter refer to?

Answer: The Irish setter refers to the red coloured dog with long hair.

Question 6: Why was Schatz so sad?

Answer: Schatz was sad as the entire day he was thinking, that he was about to die. He had heard the doctor saying that his body temperature is one hundred and two degrees and he had a misunderstanding that a person cannot survive over forty-four degrees temperature. In fact, he was comparing two different temperatures.

A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why did the boy think he was going to die?

Answer: At a school in France a boy told Schatz that a person cannot live with a temperature of forty-four degrees and he had heard the doctor saying that he was having a hundred and two degrees temperature. He was unaware that he was comparing two different temperatures and believed that he would die as he was far above forty-four degrees.

Question 8: Why did the father spend the afternoon hunting instead of staying with his worried son?

Answer: Schatz asked his father that he doesn’t have to stay with him, if his illness was bothering him. His father thought that perhaps he was a little lightheaded, he gave Schatz the prescribed capsules at eleven o’clock and went out to hunt for a while.

Question 9: What happened at the house in the absence of the narrator?

Answer: The boy refused to let anyone enter his room. He clearly said, ‘You mustn’t get what I have.’

Question 10: How was the narrator able to convince Schatz that nothing was wrong with him?

Answer: The narrator explained Schatz about two different types of thermometers. In one thermometer 37o is the normal temperature, whereas in the other thermometer, which the doctors use to read our body temperature, 98o is the normal temperature. The narrator further explained that having 102o temperature is nothing to be worried about.

Question 11: How did Schatz behave when he learned that he would not die?

Answer: The boy’s gaze at the foot of the bed relaxed as soon as he believed he would not die and his hold over himself relaxed as well. The next day, he was crying even at little things of very less importance.

Question 12: What reason does Schatz’s father give for being pleased with his hunting?

Answer: During his hunting Schatz’s father had to face unfavourable conditions due to the cold weather. It was quite difficult to stand or walk. He missed five, however, still managed to kill two quails in spite of those unfavourable conditions, hence he was pleased with his hunting.

A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers

Question 13: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:

A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers

(a) Who are the two people being referred to in these lines? How are they related?

Answer: The two people being referred in these lines are narrator and Schatz. The narrator is Schatz’s father.

(b) What was the boy doing?

Answer: The boy was sitting by the fire looking sick and miserable.

(c) What was the boy suffering from?

Answer: The boy was suffering from influenza, which is a kind of viral fever.

Question 14: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:

A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers

(a) What did the father offer to the child? What was his reaction?

Answer: The father offered if he can read from Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates to Schatz. He did ask his father to read the book, however, seemed detached with his mind somewhere else.

(b) Describe the physical condition of the boy.

Answer: The boy was shivering with his face white and could barely walk as if he felt pain. He was looking miserable as he was ill with fever.

(c) Why did he seemed so ‘detached’ at what was going on?

Answer: He seemed ‘detached’ and was unaware of anything happening around him, as he had a misunderstanding in his mind that he was about to die.

Question 15: Read the extract and answer the questions that follow:


(a) Who was reading the book?

Answer: The narrator was reading the book.

(b) Why was the boy not following what the narrator was reading?

Answer: The boy was not following anything from the narrator’s reading as he had detached himself and was waiting for his impending death.

(c) Was the narrator able to make out what was going on in the boy’s mind?

Answer: No, the narrator was not able to make out what was going in the boy’s mind, until Schatz himself expressed his concern.

So, these were A Day’s Wait Questions & Answers.

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