A Dragon Called Tsunami Questions & Answers

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A Dragon Called Tsunami Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Agony – extreme pain
  • Clambered – climbed with great difficulty  
  • Barn – farm building used for storage
  • Bowels – the deepest inner parts
  • Bewildered – confused
  • Dazedly – unable to think
  • Echoing – reflection of sound waves from the surface
  • Enormous – very large in size
  • Gaped – stared in shock with open mouth
  • Gale – strong wings
  • Devastated – extremely upset or shocked
  • Gigantic – very big
  • Horror- stricken – suddenly feeling shocked
  • Shrieked – shouted loudly
  • Hurling – throwing away with force
  • Rumbles – series of long sounds
  • Tremendous – very great
  • Spared – escaped with damage/death
  • Tremour – a slight earthquake
  • Stacks – piles
  • Tsunami – high sea waves caused by an earthquake
  • Weird – unusual /very strange

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) What was the main occupation of the people living in Gome’s village?

i. farming
ii. carpentry
iii. fishing
iv. weaving

(b) Why did the villagers race up the hills?

i. to see what was happening
ii. to save themselves
iii. to put off the fire
iv. in fear

(c) ‘An agony of pain and fear twisted his stomach.’

i. He was not well
ii. He felt sad that he would lose all his race.
iii. He was hurt
iv. He was scared

Question 2: What is tsunami? Name two more natural disasters.

Answer: Tsunami is a natural disaster in which huge sea waves strike the land causing massive loss of lives and property. The other two disasters are earthquakes and eruption of volcanoes.

Question 3: Why did Gombe look down uneasily?

Answer: Gombe looked down uneasily at the village nestling below the hill because all the people were so busy for the harvest festival that they had not even noticed the earthquake.

Question 4: Where did Gombe live?

Answer: Gombe lived at the top of a hill.

Question 5: What were the people of the village busy doing?

Answer: The people of the village were busy in their fields, preparing for the harvest festival.

Question 6: How was the wind blowing?

Answer: The wind was blowing in the wrong direction. It was blowing from the land towards the sea.

Question 7: What did Gombe do when he saw the wind blowing in the wrong direction?
What did Gombe do to warn the villagers?

Answer: When Gombe saw the wind blowing in the wrong direction, he sensed the danger of Tsunami and set the tall tracks of rice-straw piled high on fire to warn the villagers.

A Dragon Called Tsunami Questions & Answers

Question 8: Describe the Tsunami.

Answer: The Tsunami started far in the sea as a thin blackline, seemed to rise and throb in the sky. Within seconds it grew enormous, filling up the entire sky and rushing towards them at a tremendous speed.

Question 9: How did Gombe feel when he dropped the point torch?

Answer: When Gombe dropped the point torch, for a moment, he stood still as if he was lost in a terrible nightmare.

Question 10: “Has Gombe gone mad?” Why did the people say this?

Answer: When some youngsters reached the top of the hill, they started putting off the fire. But Gombe stopped them. They didn’t know about Tsunami but Gombe lit up the rice stack and house to attract the villagers towards the hilltop so that their lives would be saved. So, they thought that Gombe has gone mad.

Question 11: What did the tsunami do to the village?

Answer: The Tsunami devastated the entire village.

Question 12: Why was Gombe horror-stricken?

Answer: Gombe was horror-stricken to see that the wind was blowing in the wrong direction.

Question 13: What kind of a person was Gombe?

Answer: Gombe was a kind person.

Question 14: If you had been in Gombe’s place what would you have done?

Answer: I would have done the same thing.

Question 15: What do you think happened after the tsunami was over?

Answer: After the tsunami was over, people would have understood Gombe’s sacrifice and tried to compensate his loss.

Question 16: Who is the hero in this story? Why do you think so?

Answer: Gombe is the hero in the story. I think so because he didn’t think of his house and rice stacks but he thought that the lives of the villagers are precious than his wealth. So, without thinking of his loss he helped the villagers by burning his house and rice stack.

Question 17: Read and answer the questions:
“Leave that alone!”

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: Gombe said these words to a group of boys.

(b) Why did the speaker say this?

Answer: The speaker said this because he wanted the villagers to call their fellow villagers to the hill-top soon, before the tsunami hit the village.

(c) What does ‘that’ refer to?

Answer: ‘That’ refers to the stacks of rice-straw that were aflame.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: More and more villagers came quickly to the top of Gombe’s hill where Gombe counted them ensuring that all villagers be saved from the tsunami.

So, these were A Dragon Called Tsunami Questions & Answers.

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