The Day The River Spoke Questions & Answers

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The Day The River Spoke Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Catamarans – fast sailing boats
  • Amazed – very surprised
  • Gasped – took deep breath with mouth open in surprise
  • Clump – small group very close to each other

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Where did Ettan learn to read and write?

i. in school
ii. in home
iii. in tuition

(b) Who attended school in the village?

i. all boys and girls
ii. only girls
iii. very few girls and all boys

(c) Why Meena went to school?

i. Because she was the headmaster’s daughter.
ii. Because she was the headman’s daughter.
iii. Because she was the teacher’s daughter.

(d) Janu called her elder brother________

i. big brother
ii. Ettan
iii. Ramu

(e) How old was Janu when little Ramu was born__________

i. five years
ii. three years
iii. four years

(f) Where did Janu sit?

i. on a mountain
ii. on a rock
iii. on a chair

(g) What surprise did the teacher have for the children?

i. that they would have a picnic
ii. that they would have a holiday
iii. that they would see the lighthouse

(h) What does want to do when she grows up?

i. work in an office
ii. help mother at home
iii. be a teacher and teach the girls

Question 2: How did the mother console Janu about not going to school?

Answer: Janu’s mother consoled Janu by saying, “Ettan goes to school because he is a boy and the boys must learn early. Meena goes to school because she is the headman’s daughter. You be just my little girl and help me to clean the rice and fetch the wood.”

Question 3: Why could Janu’s mother not go to school?

Answer: Janu’s mother could not go to school because Janu’s grandmother had said so.

Question 4: What does Ettan mean?

Answer: Ettan means elder brother.

The Day The River Spoke Questions & Answers

Question 5: Where was Janu’s favourite rock? What did she do there?

Answer: Janu’s favourite rock was at the river bank. She sat there in her free time.

Question 6: Who spoke to Janu one day as she sat on her favourite rock? Describe the voice.

Answer: The river spoke to Janu one day as she sat on her favourite rock. The voice was sleepy and murmuring.

Question 7: How did the teacher explain what a lighthouse was?

Answer: The teacher explained that a lighthouse was a big building, shaped like a huge pencil, with a bright light at the top. The light shone very far so that the ships at sea could see it clearly and sail safely.

Question 8: Why do you think Janu wanted to go to school?

Answer: Janu wanted to go to school to learn to read like Ettan and Meena.

Question 9: What are the things Janu is not scared of?

Answer: Janu is not scared of the green lizard, the snake in the bamboo clump and the big trains rattling past the bridge.

Question 10: Do you think the river really talked to Janu?

Answer: No, river can’t speak. It was a pure fantasy.

Question 11: If you had been Janus friend how would you have helped her to go to school?

Answer: If I had been Janu’s friend, I would have convinced her parents to send her to school.

Question 12: What are the things Janu wants to learn at school? Add or attest five more interesting things she could learn at school.

Answer: Janu wants to learn to read and write at school. She could also learn the following things at school:

1. Dancing
2. Singing
3. Playing Games
4. Drawing and Painting
5. Speaking

Question 13: Is going to school important for children? Why?

Answer: It is important for children to go to school because it is a social institution which helps them to grow physically and socially.

Question 14: Do you think Janu is a brave girl?

Answer: Yes, Janu is a brave girl. She wants to do things. She goes to the school and speaks boldly in the class. This shows that she is a brave girl.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:
“Now tell me, why didn’t you come to school before?”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The teacher said these words to Janu.

(b) Why didn’t ‘you’ go to school before?

Answer: ‘You’ didn’t go to school before because her parents didn’t let her.

(c) Where were these words spoken?

Answer: These words were spoken in the school.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Janu tells her teacher why she couldn’t come to school before and the teacher promises her to talk to her father about letting her come to school.

So, these were The Day The River Spoke Questions & Answers.

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