Stranger By The Window Questions & Answers

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Stranger By The Window Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Enraged – make very angry
  • Fumbled – handle clumsily
  • Cubicle – a small area set off by walls for special use
  • Vehemence – intensity of expression
  • Quipped – make witty remarks
  • Disdain – to reject or look down on
  • Earnestly – in a serious manner
  • Pondered – think deeply on a subject
  • Ardent – characterized by strong emotion

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Neha’s cubicle was

i. just opposite to the window berth
ii. in front of the door
iii. in the middle of the coach

(b) The book was gifted to Neha by

i. her mother
ii. her aunt
iii. her uncle

(c) The book ‘Panchtantra’ was taken by

i. the stranger
ii. no-one, it was in the bag
iii. Kumar

(d) ‘You meet all sorts of people in trains’, this line was said by

i. Nikhil
ii. Ma
iii. the lady on the bunk

(e) What was Neha’s guilt at the end of the story?

i. not being able to say ‘sorry’ to the stranger
ii. arguing with the stranger
iii. arguing with the lady on the bunk

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Neha was travelling with her mother in a train.
(b) A book of Panchtantra was with Neha.
(c) The book was given to Neha by uncle.
(d) The lady on the bunk commented on the stranger.
(e) Perhaps, the stranger bought book for his children.

Question 3: Write True or False:

(a) The book was gifted to Neha by her friend Kumar – False
(b) Neha loved to sit on the window berth of the compartment – True
(c) Neha was enjoying a chit-chat with her friend Nikhil – True
(d) Neha kept all the belongings on the berth, unguarded – False
(e) ‘You cannot do a thing’ was said by the lady on the bunk – True

Question 4: Why did Neha like the old second-class compartment?

Answer: Neha liked the old second-class compartment because the corridor separated the cubicles from the window berth and one could have a stroll along it.

Question 5: What enraged Neha and what did she do after that?

Answer: Neha saw her book at the entrance of the cubicle which enraged her. She asked the man who was sitting at the window that how come her book was lying with him.

Question 6: What opinion was cited by the lady on the bunk?

Answer: The lady on the bunk cited, “You meet all sorts of people in trains.”

Question 7: Why did the stranger say, ‘you can keep it’?

Answer: The stranger said that she can keep the book because he was friendly and a good gentleman. He didn’t mind Neha taking his book.

Question 8: Why did Neha say, ‘Mom, look please’?

Answer: Neha said, ‘Mom, look please’ because she found the same book from her bag which the man gave to her.

So, these were Stranger By The Window Questions & Answers.

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