A Holiday On Mars Questions & Answers

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A Holiday On Mars Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Sue, Steve and Biff were visiting the glass dome colonies on Planet Mars.
2. The rockets were being fired to send fuel to the spaceship parked above the planet.
3. Sue noticed a bright streak in the sky.
4. The rocket explosion blocked the canal with chunks of ice.
5. During the explosion, Biff threw himself in front of Steve and Sue to protect them.
6. Steve, Sue and Biff reached their spaceship just in time.

Question 2: A few minutes later, Sue noticed a bright streak against the purple sky.

(a) What was this bright streak that Sue noticed?

Answer: The bright streak in the sky was a fuel rocket about to crash.

(b) How did Sue react after noticing the bright streak?

Answer: Sue was happy and excited to see the fuel rocket being launched. She didn’t know that something was wrong with it.

(c) How did Biff react after noticing it?

Answer: Mr. Biff saw the rocket and jerked up sharply in his seat, realizing that they were in danger.

Question 3: “It’s not lifting! Something’s gone wrong!”

(a) Who said these words, and to whom?

Answer: Mr. Biff said these words to Sue and Steve.

(b) What was not lifting? Why was that a problem?

Answer: The fuel rocket that had just been launched was not lifting. It was a problem because instead of going up, it was dropping down, meaning that it was going to crash against the ice on the ground.

(c) How did the speaker realise that something had gone wrong?

Answer: Mr. Biff realised that something had gone wrong because the rocket was flying too low.  

Question 4: Sue and Steve are courageous and clever children. Do you agree? Pick lines from the text in support of your answer.

Answer: Yes, I agree that Sue end Steve are courageous and clever children. When the rocket crashes, and Biff falls unconscious, they rise up to the occasion. They are only twelve-years-old, but instead of feeling hopeless, they keep presence of mind, take charge of the situation, and do the best they can. For example – Steve gets into the driver’s seat and starts the engine. Sue remembers which lever needs to be pushed in order to get the sled moving. They both realise that Biff is hurt and needs urgent medical attention. While Steve slowly drives the sled, Sue keeps trying to wake Biff up.

Question 5: What relationship do Sue and Steve share with Biff? Support your answer with examples from the text.

Answer: It is clear that Biff and the children are quite fond of each other. They trust Biff completely. Before they step out, Biff carefully makes sure all the components are in working condition. At the time of the blast, Biff throws himself over in front of the children to shield them from the impact. When Biff falls unconscious, Sue and Steve’s first thought is to get him to a doctor soon. This shows that the children and Biff cared about each other.

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