Dr Dolittle Learns a New Language Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dr Dolittle Learns a New Language Questions & Answers.

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Dr Dolittle Learns a New Language Questions & Answers

Question 1: Given below are some statements and their reasons. Do you agree with all the reasons? Cross out any reason you do not agree with.

(a) Polynesia wanted Dr Dolittle to become an animal-doctor because

i. he was a good people’s doctor.
ii. there were no good animal-doctors around.
iii. he was fond of animals.

Answer: None

(b) Dr Dolittle said he did not treat animals because

i. there were many animal-doctors around.
ii. he was a people’s doctor.
iii. he did not like treating animals.

Answer: iii

(c) The doctor over the hill gave the poor plow-horse big pills because

i. he did not try to understand the horse’s problem.
ii. he was not an animal-doctor.
iii. he thought the horse was suffering from spavins.

Answer: ii

(d) The horse wanted a pair of green glasses because

i. Dr Doiittle’s glasses were green and the horse wanted a similar set.
ii. the horse wanted to follow the latest fashion.
iii. the horse wanted to protect his eyes from the bright sun.

Answer: ii

(e) Dr Dolittle became famous all over the world because

i. he spoke to everybody about his work.
ii. he could speak animal language.
iii. his patients talked about him.

Answer: i

Question 2: Match the pets to the places where they lived in Dr Dolittle’s house.

Column AColumn B
1. Squirrela. pond
2. Rabbitsb. linen closet
3. Micec. pantry
4. Goldfishd. piano

Answer: 1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a

Question 3: Dr Dolittle kept several pets. Name at least three.

Answer: Dab Dab the duck, Polynesia the parrot and an owl named Too Too.

Question 4: How many languages can parrot talk in? What are they?

Answer: Parrot can talk in two languages – people’s language and bird language.

Question 5: How did Jip ask questions?

Answer: Jip asked questions by twitching its nose.

Question 6: Why did Puddleby farm animals wear glasses?

Answer: Puddleby farm animals wore glasses so that they could see properly and to avoid sunlight. Now that they had found a doctor who understood their language, their problems were being diagnosed correctly.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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