The Case of The Candy Bandit Questions & Answers

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The Case of The Candy Bandit Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read these lines from the story carefully and answer the question.

“The Superlative Supersleuth, Aarti and I ………………… the same time?”

(a) Rachita had already found who the thief was. Which word in the first paragraph tells us that?

Answer: The word ‘convince’ tells us that Rachita and Aarti had already found out about the thief.

(b) Do you think Divya’s question was ‘naive’? Why?

Answer: No, Divya’s query was justified. It was very apparent that the friends were hatching a plan.

Question 2: Aarti rolls her eyes at Divya. She does this often. In the excerpt, she does this when Divya asks question. Was this a part of pretending game? Why do you think so?

Answer: Aarti often rolled her eyes to express something and this was probably not part of the arrangement. It was very spontaneous as she often did this when Divya opened her mouth to speak about something.

Question 3: Why did Divya warn Aarti? What do you think Divya was thinking?

Answer: Divya warned Aarti not to touch her sweets as she suspected that Aarti used to steal her sweets.

Question 4: Why did Aarti make the ‘plock’ sound? What happened as a result of it?

Answer: Aarti made a ‘plock’ sound, staring at Ayush, who happened to notice it. He sighed and left the room.

Question 5: Rachita thinks Aarti is good at smelling and listening. Do you agree? Why?

Answer: Aarti is good at smelling and listening because she sniffs around and tells Rachita to sit further away. Rachita too acknowledges her skill. She also explains Rachita later that she had made the ‘plock’ sound with her tongue because it was the noise that Ayush often made while showing them Spark’s tricks.

Question 6: Do you think Aarti is good in any other skill apart from smelling and listening? Name and explain.

Answer: Aarti has very good observational skills and organisational skills. She was clever enough to chalk out a plan strategically to find out the real thief. Had she not observed or detected a pattern, they could have never found out about the thief.

Question 7: Why did Spark come out immediately from Rachita’s bag?

Answer: Rachita had brought a banana and Spark had been trained to steal candy and sweets alone. So, Spark left her bag immediately without carrying the fruit.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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