At Least A Fish Questions & Answers

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At Least A Fish Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Ana learn About the dogs available for adoption?

Answer: Ana knew about the homeless pups in the Young Reader section of the newspaper.

Question 2: Why did the family ‘end up’ eating noodles?

Answer: Mrs Bopanna had to juggle between her job and the daily chores. So, she often could not return on time and the children ended up eating noodles almost thrice a week.

Question 3: Ana got a pet but she was not too happy with it. What Ana miss about a dog?

Answer: Though Ana got her pet, yet she missed dogs being around her. She thought that had she adopted a dog, it could have done many interesting things. A dog could wag its tail and bark. The fish could not wag their tails like the dogs and thus it was difficult to predict their mood.

Question 4: Neither Zain nor Ana knew much about fish. Do you agree? Why?

Answer: Neither Ana nor Zain had any idea about what the fish might eat. Yes, I agree because at a point in the story, Zain even suggests giving the fish spinach instead of seaweed expecting that they would not be able to distinguish one from the other.

Question 5: Why do you think Ana’s mother hid the fish food? Do you agree with her action? Why?

Answer: Ana’s mother,Mrs Bopanna hid the food packets because she probably wanted to keep it out of Ana’s reach. Besides, she thought that the fish would not be able to have more food than was given.

Question 6: What were the names Ana had given to her fish? What would Zain have called them? Why?

Answer: Ana named her fish after the ancient Greek philosophers, Socrates. Pluto and Aristotle. Zain found it extremely difficult to remember those names and he thought that he would have preferred easier names, such as Fishyone, Fishytwo and Fishythree or Goldyone, Goldytwo and Goldythree.

Question 7: Zain calls Ana’s fish ‘dumb’ and then he saves himself from trouble. How does he do this?

Answer: Zain called Ana’s fish as dumb. However, as soon as he realized that it irked Ana, he said that he called them stupid because they could not speak.

Question 8: Zain is a clever boy. Do you agree? Give examples to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, I agree that Zain is a clever boy because he could sense Ana’s change in temperament and he appreciated the fish instead of calling them dumb almost instantly and he also made strange noises to divert Ana’s attention from the rude remark that he made.

So, these were At Least A Fish Questions & Answers.

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