The Silent Snake Summary & Questions & Answers

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The Silent Snake Summary & Questions & Answers


The poet has beautifully composed the poem showing how the birds flap their wings in the air and the rabbits run and leap. The squirrels run on the tree branches whereas the mayflies move up and down. The poet says that while these creatures play and enjoy the snake silently crawls. On the other hand, the birdies sing and whistle and the insects are busy humming. The frog cry and the squirrels chat but the snake does not make any noise. It remains silent when it goes through the thick and tall grass.

Word Galaxy

  • Mayflies – winged insects that live close to nature
  • Bough – branch
  • Is always dumb – does not make any noise
  • Dip – go down
  • Grasses deep – thick and tall grass
  • Fluttering – waving up and down

Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The birds sing and the insects________.

i. hum
ii. chat
iii. hop

(b) The squirrels race along the________.

i. field
ii. bough
iii. grass

(c) The________ say ‘croak!’

i. squirrels
ii. mayflies
iii. frogs

Question 2: Why does the poet say, ‘The silent snake goes creepy-creep’?

Answer: The poet said so to explain the movement of snake in comparison to other creatures.

Question 3: ‘The birdies sing and whistle loud’. What other sounds do birds make?

Answer: The other sounds that birds make are tweet, shriek, hoot, etc.

So, this was the summary & questions & answers.

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