Yuuki And The Tsunami Questions & Answers

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Yuuki And The Tsunami Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Let’s get cracking – here let’s start work immediately
  • Worked up – excited but tense
  • Sure footedness of a mountain goat – excellent balance of a mountain start going about their business start to work
  • Tsunami – huge waves in the sea caused by earthquakes below the sea
  • Rice stacks – large piles of rice crops
  • Panting – breathing heavily
  • Clasp – hold tightly
  • Gasp – struggle for breath

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Yuuki asked his father to help him________.

i. arrange the garland of flowers on a tree
ii. light the lanterns
iii. wash the fruit

(b) Yuuki’s mother asked him to________.

i. dress up for the celebration
ii. wash the fruits
iii. decorate the village

(c) Yuuki could not wash the fruits because________.

i. he was lazy
ii. there was no water
iii. there was an earthquake

(d) All the villagers ran to the beach because they________.

i. thought they would find beautiful shells
ii. wanted to swim in the sea
iii. thought the beach was safer

(e) Yuuki set fire to the rice stacks because he________.

i. did not like rice
ii. needed to get the villagers to higher ground quickly
iii. was angry with the villagers for not listening to him

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Yuuki asked his father to tell him about his grandmother – False
(b) It was Grandfather who taught the villagers to grow rice – True
(c) Yuuki’s mother wanted him to wash the vegetables – False
(d) Yuuki set fire to the rice stacks – True
(e) The tsunami swept away the village – True

Question 3: How did Yuuki realize that a tsunami was about to come?

Answer: After the earthquake, the sea had turned black and pulled away from the land. Yuuki remembered his grandfather had said about a tsunami, about how it would follow an earthquake. He recognized the signs and knew that a tsunami was about to hit the village.

Question 4: What did the villagers do when they saw the sea water pull back from the shore?

Answer: The villagers were delighted that the sea had pulled back and revealed a part of the beach they had never been able to see before. They ran down to the beach to collect the sea-shells and string them together.

Question 5: How did Yuuki manage to save the villagers?

Answer: Yuuki knew he had to find a way to get the villagers to move up the mountain quickly. He took a log of wood from the fire in front of his house and set the rice stacks on fire. All the villagers rushed to the top of the mountain to escape the fire and were thus saved from the tsunami.

Question 6: Do you think Yuuki was a clever boy? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Yuuki was an intelligent boy. He correctly remembered what his grandfather had said to him. He was able to recognize the signs of coming tsunami and acted promptly and thought of a way to get the villagers to a safe place. It was only because of Yuuki that the villagers were saved.

So, these were Yuuki And The Tsunami Questions & Answers.

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