Attila Questions & Answers

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Attila Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pug – a breed of dog with a broad flat nose
  • Dog fancier – dog expert
  • Mendicants – beggars
  • Prowl – moving around quietly
  • Thrill – excitement
  • Revived – became recharged
  • Coincidence – by chance
  • Clumsily – in an awkward and careless way
  • Lamentation – an expression of great sorrow
  • Pedestal – stand

Question 1: How did the puppy look like?

Answer: The puppy had square jaws, red eyes, a pug nose and a massive head.

Question 2: Which names were suggested for the puppy? What was he finally named?

Answer: Tiger, Caesar, Fire, Thunder and Attila were the names suggested for the puppy. He was finally named Attila.

Question 3: How old was the puppy when he was brought home?

Answer: The puppy was a couple of months old when he was brought home.

Question 4: What type of people entered the gate of the house every day?

Answer: Medicants, bill collectors, postmen, tradesmen and family friends entered the gate of the house every day.

Question 5: Why was mother annoyed with Attila?

Answer: Mother was annoyed with Attila because he only ate like an elephant and did no work. He even failed to catch a flower thief who came every morning and stole away all the flowers in the garden.

Question 6: Who was Attila’s defender?

Answer: The youngest member of the family was Attila’s defender.

Question 7: Who was Ranga? Where did he live?

Answer: Ranga was a ‘gang coolie’ often employed in road-mending. He lived in a hut three miles from the town.

Question 8: What did Attila do when he heard of a cat?

Answer: When Attila heard of a cat, he dashed in the direction indicated.

Question 9: What was Attila’s greatest ambition in life?

Answer: Attila’s greatest ambition in life was to wonder in the street freely.

Question 10: Who became Attila’s new friend?

Answer: Ranga became Attila’s new friend.

Question 11: What did Attila suspect about his new friend?

Answer: Attila suspected that his new friend was waiting for the slightest chance to desert him.

Question 12: “…..he is a very cunning detective.” Who said this?

Answer: Mother said this.

Question 13: What was the immediate reason to buy the puppy?

Answer: The immediate reason to buy the puppy was a series of house-breaking and thefts in the neighbourhood.

Question 14: Why was the mother unhappy with Attila?

Answer: The mother was unhappy with Attila because he ate like an elephant and did nothing. He even failed to catch a flower thief who came every morning and stole away all the flowers in the garden.

Question 15: Who was supporting Attila and why?

Answer: The youngest member of the family was supporting Attila because he believed that Attila had better business to do than catching flower thieves.

Question 16: Who spotted Attila and where? What happened next?

Answer: The eldest son of the house spotted Attila trotting behind someone on the road, while he was going towards the market one day. He shouted at Attila, at which Ranga turned and broke into a run. Attila followed him and clumsily blocked his way. Ranga fell down and was caught.

Question 17: Attila became mother’s favourite at the end. Why?

Answer: At the end, Attila became mother’s favourite because it was Attila who helped in catching the burglar, Ranga and thus, helped in recovering all the lost jewels.

Question 18: Tick the correct option:

(a) The puppy was named

i. Caesar
ii. Tiger
iii. Attila

(b) “He eats like an elephant.” Who said this?

i. the eldest son
ii. the mother
iii. the youngest son

(c) “Don’t you worry. I am not that sort.” Here ‘I’ refers to –

i. Ranga
ii. Attila
iii. the mother

So, these were Attila Questions & Answers.

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