Be A Friend Questions & Answers

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The poem is written by Sir Edgar Albert Guest. In this poem the poet encourages us to show compassion to others and to be helpful and kind. In my previous posts, I have shared Be A Friend Stanza Wise Summary so, make sure to check this post as well. I have also shared the questions & answers of Attila, The Eyes Have It and Where the Mind is without Fear so, you can go through these posts as well.

Be A Friend Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Disposition – temperament
  • Unbefriended – having no friends
  • Trifling – small
  • Sighing – breathing heavily
  • Self-endeavor – own effort
  • Glory – great praise

Question 1: What makes you someone’s friend?

Answer: Sunny temperament, wish to help others and extending a hand to someone who is not having friends, makes us someone’s friend.

Question 2: Mention any two duties of a good friend?

Answer: Two duties of a good friend are:

  • Ignore the small mistakes of your friend.
  • Always encourage your friend who is making all the efforts to start something new.

Question 3: Give another word for ‘unbefriended’.

Answer: Lonesome, Friendless.

Question 4: What does the poet compare friendship with in the second stanza?

Answer: In the second stanza, the poet has compared friendship with a simple story.

Question 5: What is the difference between a neighbour and a friend?

Answer: A friend is a person with whom we share a strong bond of mutual affection, with whom we can share our secrets and who always stand by us in our tough times. However, a neighbour is a person who lives next door with whom you may not share your secrets and who may or may not be helpful in our adverse times.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

Be A Friend Questions & Answers

(a) These lines have been taken from which stanza of the poem?

Answer: These lines have been taken from the third stanza of the poem.

(b) What will you get for your labour?

Answer: For your labour, you will get a friend.

(c) How can you be richer than a prince?

Answer: We can be richer than a prince if we have friends because friendship is one such thing that lasts forever however, materialistic things cannot give us that love, affection and emotional support that our friends can give.

Question 7: Fill in the blanks to complete the summary of the poem.


In the first stanza, the poet says that to be a friend, you don’t need money. Instead, you just need to have the will to get along with others and extend a hand to people who don’t have friends, and the will to give and lend. In the second stanza, the poet says that friendship does not require glory, only the willingness to overlook small faults and in the last stanza, the poet states that if you are a good friend, you will have friends, not merely neighbours and you will be richer than a prince.

So, these were Be A Friend Questions & Answers.

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