Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Questions & Answers

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Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The speaker at the beginning of the text wants to tell us about

(a) his Grandpa’s job in the Indian Railways.
(b) his Grandpa’s job in the East African Railways.
(c) his Grandpa’s encounter with an ostrich.

2. Grandpa decided to walk to work because

(a) he wanted to visit the ostrich camp.
(b) he wanted to take his dog on a long walk.
(c) his horse had had a small accident.

3. Grandpa felt quite safe because

(a) his dog would keep the ostriches away.
(b) he knew how to avoid the ostriches.
(c) he knew how to deal with angry ostriches.

4. The ostrich chased Grandpa and tried to

(a) peck him with his large beak.
(b) kick him with great force.
(c) pick him up and throw him.

5. Grandpa fell on the ground because

(a) the ostrich dropped him in a fright.
(b) he lost his grip on the ostrich’s wings.
(c) the ostrich shook him off in a rage.

6. The ostrich ran away because

(a) it was afraid of Grandpa’s dog.
(b) it knew it could not win the fight.
(c) it was tired and afraid.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Keeping a good look-out, I ran across the open spaces between the thorn bushes.

(a) Was Grandpa afraid of the ostriches? How do you know?

Answer: Grandpa was afraid of the ostriches. He kept a good look-out for ostriches when on the farm. He ran across open spaces between thorn bushes and was trying to be careful so that an ostrich would not spot him.

(b) What is the mood in the text at this point?

Answer: The mood is humorous and scary at the same time. The description of grandpa running across open spaces is funny. At the same time, the reader anticipates that something is going to happen with the ostriches.

2. I don’t know how, but I found myself holding on to one of the creature’s wings. It was now the ostrich’s turn to be frightened. He began to turn, moving round and round so quickly that my feet were soon swinging out from his body!

(a) Why did the bird get frightened?

Answer: Grandpa got hold of one of the ostrich’s wings. This made the ostrich frightened.

(b) What happened to Grandpa when the bird began turning round and round?

Answer: The bird began to turn round and round so quickly that grandpa was soon swept off his feet and his feet were swinging out from the ostrich’s body.

Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Questions & Answers

Question 3: What happens right after Grandpa enters the camp?

Answer: Grandpa wanted to go across the camp as fast as possible. So, he keeps a watch on the whereabouts of the birds and sees them feeding some distance away. He runs across open spaces between bushes. Suddenly Grandpa’s dog spots a hare and starts chasing it. The barking of the dog and grandpa’s shouting attracts the attention of the other birds and they start running to and they start running to and fro. A male ostrich stares at Grandpa and charges at him, lifting his short wings and holding his tail erect.

Question 4: How did Grandpa end up in a clump of bushes?

Answer: Grandpa started running at full speed. But he could not match the ostrich’s strides and it was catching up. Grandpa wanted to get behind a large bush only to hide from the bird. Grandpa rushed forward and ended up in a clump of thorn bushes.

Question 5: Describe how Grandpa ended up on the ground and what the ostrich did next.

Answer: The great bird started chasing Grandpa and was soon upon him. Grandpa struggled frantically to avoid the deadly kicks of the ostrich. Grandpa started circling a bush in order to escape it. He caught hold of the bird’s wings and as the bird turned, he was swung around. The bird was frightened and suddenly reversed its motion. This unexpected move made him lose his hold and Grandpa ends up on the ground.

Question 6: How does Grandpa finally escape from the ostrich and leave the camp?

Answer: After Grandpa fell on the ground, the ostrich came up to Grandpa to strike him. It was ready to deliver one of its deadly kicks. Suddenly, something frightened the ostrich and it turned its head sharply to the left. Soon, it jumped back and ran off as fast as it could. Grandpa wondered what had caused this retreat. It was Grandpa’s dog who had come to his rescue.

Question 7: What kind of man was Grandpa? Describe him using examples from the text.

Answer: Grandpa loves to walk. He is ready to walk to work as his horse had a small accident. He is afraid of the ostriches and takes his dog along for safety. At the same time, grandpa is brave enough to fight the gigantic male ostrich. He gets chased and threatened but does not give up. He is also aware of the mannerisms of ostriches. He uses his intelligence to get hold of the ostrich’s wings, so that he could defeat it. Grandpa is grateful to his pet dog when it saves his life from the deadly kick of the ostrich.

So, these were Grandpa Fights an Ostrich Questions & Answers.

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