Little Girls Wiser Than Men Questions & Answers

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Little Girls Wiser Than Men Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the appropriate option.

(a) The mothers of Akoulya and Malasha had dressed them both in new frocks because they

i. were twins
ii. had to go to the church
iii. liked to wear frocks

(b) Malasha ________________ and prepared to run home when she found herself in trouble.

i. scrambled out of the puddle
ii. struck her friend
iii. began howling

(c) Malasha began to howl so that

i. everyone could hear her
ii. she could be heard all down the street
iii. her mother could hear her

(d) They all went on quarrelling, till one gave another a push, and the affair had very nearly come to blows, …’ This means that the people were

i. talking to each other
ii. scolding each other
iii. fighting with each other

(e) The old woman said to the men, “Are you not ashamed of yourselves….?” She said so because the men were fighting

i. for a genuine reason
ii. without any genuine reason
iii. as they were angry

Question 2: How does the author describe the landscape in the beginning of the lesson?

Answer: The author described that the snow was still laying in yard, water was running in streams down the village, there was a lane between two homesteads, where the dirt water had formed a large puddle after running through the farmyards.

Question 3: Describe both the girls as depicted in the story.

Answer: The girls depicted in the story are Malasha and Akoulya. One girl was small, the other a little bigger. They both were dressed up in new frocks. The little one was wearing a blue frock and the other one wore a yellow one, and both had red handkerchiefs on their heads.

Question 4: “You naughty, dirty girl, what have you been doing?” Who is the ‘girl’ here and why is she referred to in this way by the speaker?

Answer: The ‘girl’ here is Akoulya. She is referred in this way by her mother, as she was dressed up in a new frock and now the frock was splashed with dirty water and so were her eyes and nose.

Little Girls Wiser Than Men Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did the grandmother try to pacify the people?

Answer: The grandmother tried to pacify the people by telling them, it is not right to behave in this manner, especially on this occasion of Easter. She said it is time to rejoice and not to quarrel.

Question 6: What was Akoulya and Malasha doing while the women were abusing each other?

Answer: While the women were abusing each other, Akoulya wiped the mud off her frock and went back to the puddle. She took a stone and started scraping the earth in front of the puddle, to make a channel through which the water could run out in the street. On seeing this, Malasha too joined with a chip of wood and helped her in digging the channel.

Question 7: “It is deep, Akoulya, I’m afraid!” Why do you think Malasha is afraid?

Answer: Malasha is afraid as she might slip in the dirty water and get her frock dirty.

Question 8: “Mind, Malasha, don’t splash. Walk carefully!” What happened as soon as Akoulya said this?

Answer: As soon as Akoulya said these lines, Malasha plumped down her foot and the dirty water splashed right on to Akoulya’s frock, eyes and nose.

Question 9: “What are you thinking of, friends? Is it right to behave so? On a day like this, too! It is a time for rejoicing, and not for such folly as this.” What ‘folly’ is the grandmother talking about here?

Answer: The ‘folly’ that grandmother is talking here is the unwanted argument and quarrel happening between the women and men for an issue of least importance.

Question 10: “Dear little souls! They are wiser than you!” Who are the ‘little souls’? In what way are they wiser according to the old woman in the story? Why do you think they are referred to as ‘little souls’?

Answer: The ‘little souls’ are the two girls Malasha and Akoulya. According to old woman they are wiser than the people in the story, as they had forgotten the small quarrel between them and started playing again like good friends. A soul means an essence of human being, who is unaware of hatred, hence the little girls are referred to as little souls as they are quite young and unaware of any hatred amongst themselves.

Question 11: Read the following statement and answer the questions that follow.
‘Two little girls from different houses happened to meet…’

(a) Where did the two girls meet?

Answer: The two girls met in a lane between two homesteads.

(b) Which place did they visit before meeting each other?

Answer: They visited church before meeting each other.

(c) Why did they go there?

Answer: They went there to pray as it was Easter.

(d) What happened when the two girls met?

Answer: When both the girls met, first they showed each other their finery and then they began to play.

So, these were Little Girls Wiser Than Men Questions & Answers.

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