A Stormy Adventure Questions & Answers

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A Stormy Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where was the Trishna going? Why was it going there?

Answer: Trishna was going to Phillipines. It was going there with a special cargo of food for the people of small islands in the South China Sea, which had been struck by a devastating typhoon.

Question 2: Why was caption Kumar worried?

Answer: Caption Kumar was worried because barometer had fallen steeply which was the indicator of the bad weather conditions.

Question 3: What was the effect of bad weather on the Trishna?

Answer: High waves rolled the ship mercilessly.
A steel angle of the gangway had pierced the ship side and water started entering the engine room.

Question 4: What suggestion did Vishal have to offer to his father?

Answer: Vishal suggested his father to tilt the ship to one side to expose the leakage so that it could be easier to plug the hole.

Question 5: How was the Trishna saved?

Answer: Trishna was tilted to one side and the hole was blocked with a wooden plug by using cement. It was risky but finally they saved Trishna.

Question 6: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The name of the Captain of the Trishna was Capt. Kumar.
(b) The Trishna weighed 8000 tons.
(c) Mr Bose held the post of chief engineer on the Trishna.
(d) The boating incident where the boat that Vishal and his friend wear travelling in developed a leak, happened in Okhla.

Question 7: Complete the table:


1. Rohini felt seasick.She groaned and held her stomach.
2. Typhoon effect created havoc on the ship.Capt. Kumar ordered the men on the deck to lash the cargo.
3. A steel angle pierced the ship-side.Water gushed into the Trishna.
4. Vishal remembered a similar boat incident.He gave a suggestion to save Trishna by tilting it.
5. The crew worked on Vishal’s suggestion.The Trishna was saved.

Question 8: Do you think it was easy for Captain Kumar to accept the risky suggestion given by Vishal? What might be going on to his mind? Why do you think he finally accepted the suggestion?

Answer: No, I don’t think it was easy for Captain Kumar to accept the risky suggestion given by Vishal. He might be thinking that the ship may even turn over or may sink in the Pacific Ocean. But he still accepted it because water had entered the engine room and he was in ‘do or die’ situation as there was no other way out to save Trishna.

Question 9: ‘You’re quite a seaman really…’ says the Chief Officer about Vishal. Would you call Vishal a seaman? Give reason.

Answer: Yes, I would call Vishal a seaman because as a real seaman, he didn’t get frightened and gathered all his courage. He went to his father and suggested an idea to save Trishna.

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