Chocolates In Your Dreams Too Questions & Answers

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Chocolates In Your Dreams Too Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Gopa create a fuss in the market?

Answer: Gopa created a fuss in the market because he wanted a chocolate but his mother was not ready to buy it for him.

Question 2: Why did Gopa’s mother forbid him to watch TV?

Answer: Gopa’s mother forbade him to watch TV because he had been watching it for long duration which according to her, could harm his eyes. Moreover, she wanted him to indulge himself in some physical activity.

Question 3: What reasons did Gopa quote in favour of having cold drinks?

Answer: The reasons that Gopa quoted in favour of having cold drinks were:

  • They are advertised round the clock.
  • Everyone drinks it.
  • They are easily and readily available in the market.

Question 4: What was the conclusion of alien’s report about Gopa’s health?

Answer: Alien concluded that Gopa’s body would likely to stop functioning within five years as he had some bad habits like getting up late in the morning, not going for morning walk, eating a lot of junk food, watching late night movies and not doing any physical activity.

Question 5: List the instructions which alien gave to Gopa to be disciplined.

Answer: Alien instructed him to:

  • sleep early at night.
  • get up early in the morning.
  • go for morning walks.
  • avoid watching late night movies.
  • avoid junk food and cold drinks.

Chocolates In Your Dreams Too Questions & Answers

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

My dear, you’ve already warned me.

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Mrs Dev said these words to Gopa.

(b) What warning had been given to the speaker?

Answer: The speaker had been warned that a scene would be created in the market if the speaker did not buy a chocolate for him.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

Do you have the courage to listen to what I’ve to say?

(a) Whom do ‘you’ and ‘I’ refer to?

Answer: Here ‘you’ refers to Gopa and ‘I’ refers to the Alien.

(b) What was the speaker going to say?

Answer: The speaker was going to read the conclusion of Gopa’s health report that stated that his body would stop functioning in another five years.

(c) How did the listener react to what the speaker said?

Answer: The listener was shocked and surprised to hear the conclusion of his health report.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

That means that your message needs to be spread to all children.

(a) Whose message need to be spread?

Answer: The alien’s message needs to be spread

(b) What is the message?

Answer: The message is that we should take healthy diet at proper time and live a disciplined life.

Question 9: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Mrs Dev bought bread and butter from the shop.
(b) Gopa’s favourite TV progrramme was Super Samurai.
(c) Gopa was allowed to watch TV for one hour.
(d) Gopa went out and played video game with his friends.
(e) Alien was hiding in Gopa’s shirt’s pocket.
(f) Chocolates contain a harmful metal that damages the brain.
(g) Gopa wanted to become an astronaut when he grew up.

Question 10: Complete the following statements:

(a) Gopa’s mother didn’t want him to eat chocolates because chocolates are bad for health.
(b) Gopa could not play in the streets because passersby and vehicles disturbed them at every moment.
(c) Mother told Gopa to do his work himself because she wanted him to do some physical exercise to make him active and fit.
(d) Gopa thought that his mother wanted him to do work because she had to work harder in her childhood.
(e) According to Alien, Gopa’s body would stop functioning after five years because of his irresponsible and unhealthy lifestyle.
(f) Alien told Gopa we should not eat junk food because they contain harmful chemicals which weaken our body in the long run.

Question 11: Complete the following table:


Gopa’s activitiesResults they would produce
1. eats chocolatesContains metal that damages human brain in long run.
2. eats sugarAffects body system causing diabetes.
3. eats lots of wafersHarmful to the heart.
4. watching TV continuouslyHarmful rays of the screen damage the eyes.
5. No or very less physical activitiesBody will stop growing further.

So, these were Chocolates In Your Dreams Too Questions & Answers.

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