Stone Soup in Bohemia Questions & Answers

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Stone Soup in Bohemia Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hostility – an extremely unfriendly attitude
  • Resentment – feeling of anger
  • Burgomaster – chief magistrate
  • Despondent – depressed, downhearted
  • Baffled – confusing
  • Impulse – a sudden strong desire to do something
  • Anecdotes – short stories based on personal experience
  • Wafting – moving gently through the air

Question 1: How did the soldier react to the unwelcoming attitude of the villagers?

Answer: By the unwelcoming attitude of the villagers, the soldier was not at all disheartened. Rather he was very cheerful. He swept off his red cap, made a mock bow to the assembly, told the burgomaster that he would not ask even for a single thing. He asked him not to worry as he would spend night there and go away in the morning.

Question 2: What according to the soldier was the specialty of the stones?

Answer: According to the soldier, the stones had the power to brew the most delicious soup. It was a foreign recipe presented to him by a saint.

Question 3: Why did the villagers initially hesitate to add anything to the soup?

Answer: The villagers initially hesitated to add anything to the soup because they were suspicious about it. Nobody wanted to take a first move or admit his curiosity. No villager wanted to make a fool of himself but suddenly a common impulse overcame them all. One by one they all slipped away and came back with a contribution to be added to the soup.

Question 4: What comments did the various villagers make on the quality of the soup?

Answer: The villagers made various comments on the quality of the soup like Burgomaster called it exquisite, the portly merchant said it was magnificent. ‘Real tasty’, observed the woman with the wart on the nose. ‘On the top of the Great Wall, did you say?’ asked one youth with his mouth full. Alexander the Great, do you mean? queried another. Stone soup! said the last of them and someone called ‘What a miracle, what a marvellous gift from China!’

Stone Soup in Bohemia Questions & Answers

Question 5: Write True or False:

(a) The villagers gave the soldier a very warm welcome – False
(b) The stones had no power of making a soup – True
(c) The villagers added nothing to the soup – False
(d) The villagers found the soup extremely delicious – True
(e) A Chinese had taught the soldier how to make stone soup – False

Question 6: What are the various methods that the soldier adopted to be friendly with the villages?

Answer: The various methods that the soldier adopted to be friendly with the villagers are:

  • He reacted positively towards their unfriendly behaviour.
  • He wished them all and also offered them the stone soup.
  • He also narrated his stories and jokes to be friendly with them.
  • He even praised the villagers by calling them friendly and called the village benevolent and hospitable.

Question 7: ‘And the soldier chuckled to himself.’ Why did the soldier do so? Discuss.

Answer: The soldier chuckled to himself because he had fooled the villagers. The same people who had refused to give him a bean or a tomato, brought everything one by one and the soldier had his meal from the villagers. Although the villagers were unfriendly and unhospitable yet he managed to spend a night in the village and also satisfied his hunger using his wits.

Question 8: ‘Presence of mind is a more valuable asset than wealth or strength.’ Elaborate the idea in a short paragraph.

Answer: Presence of mind is a more valuable asset than wealth or strength because it enables a man to remain unruffled under all circumstances. It helps to tackle any situation with no or less efforts. The true mettle of a person is tested in moments of grave crisis only and what might have been a major disaster is quite often a hairbreadth escape all because somebody had this rare quality.

Question 9: Tough times don’t last but tough people do.’ How could the solider ensure that he was not disheartened at all?

Answer: Time doesn’t remain the same and there is always a bright morning after a dark night.Presence of mind and positive approach help us to tackle any difficult or tough situation. The soldier was jovial and had a great presence of mind. In spite of getting unfriendly attitude from the villagers, he didn’t lose hope at all. Very cleverly, he outwitted them and managed to get all that he needed.

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