A Strange Case Questions & Answers

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A Strange Case Questions & Answers

Question 1: How was the man dressed?

Answer: The man was dressed in a such a fashion that have made an ordinary person laughable. His clothes, although were of rich and sober fabric but were enormously large for him in every measurement. The trousers hung on his legs and were rolled up to keep them from the ground. The waist of the coat reached below his haunches and the collar sprawled wide upon his shoulders.

Question 2: What did Dr Lanyon tell the visitor to do when the latter asked him for something?

Answer: Dr. Lanyon asked the visitor to introduce himself first and then told him to be seated if he liked.

Question 3: Where was the drawer and what was the visitor’s reaction on it?

Answer: The drawer was laying on the floor behind a table and was still covered with the sheet.

The visitor sprang to It, then paused and laid his hand upon his heart. His teeth were grating and his face looked ghastly.

Question 4: What did the visitor do when he got a glass tube? What was the result of his experiment?

Answer: The visitor put some red tincture in the glass tube and added one of the powders to it.

The visitor put the glass to his lips and drank in one gulp. A cry followed; he reeled, staggered, clutched the table and held on, staring with eyes wide open, gasping with open mouth. He seemed to swell. His face suddenly became black and the features seemed to melt and change. This was the result of the experiment.

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