Androcles and the Lion Questions & Answers

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Androcles and the Lion Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Escape – run away
  • Hobbling – walking with great difficulty
  • Grabbed – caught
  • Wrapped – covered
  • Thick – dense
  • Purred – cat-like sound

Question 1: How were the slaves treated at that time?

Answer: The slaves were forced to work for their masters. They were supposed to do what their masters told them. They had no freedom and no rights.

Question 2: Why was the life of slaves hard?

Answer: The life of slaves was hard because the cruel masters did not use to give them enough to eat. If they did not work hard, they were thrown to the lions.

Question 3: Why did Androcles want to run away?

Answer: Androcles wanted to run away because he worked all day in his master’s fields, but was never paid any money.

Question 4: Where did Androcles seek shelter, after his escape?

Answer: Androcles took shelter in a forest after his escape.

Androcles and the Lion Questions & Answers

Question 5: What did the lion seem to tell Androcles?

Answer: The lion seemed to tell Androcles to help him.

Question 6: Why was the lion in pain?

Answer: The lion was in pain because the lion’s paw was wounded, sore and swollen. Androcles noticed that a big thorn has pierced one of the lion’s toes.

Question 7: How did Androcles feel when he first saw the lion? What changed his mind?

Answer: Androcles felt that he was very unlucky. He had escaped his cruel master but was now face-to-face with a lion but when he saw a huge thorn sticking between his claws his mind was changed.

Question 8: What two things did Androcles do in order to lessen the lion’s pain?

Answer: The two things did Androcles did in order to lessen the lion’s pain by pulling out the thorn and fetched some water from a stream and washed the lion’s bleeding paw. He then wrapped it in leaves to keep it dry.

Question 9: How did lion react to Androcles inside the Stadium?

Answer: The lion just purred and licked the Androcles foot when he saw him inside the stadium.

Question 10: What did the emperor declare in the end?

Answer: The emperor declared that both Androcles and lion be freed.

Androcles and the Lion Questions & Answers

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘This is the most amazing thing’ I‘ve ever seen’

(a) Who is the speaker?
Answer: The emperor.

(b) What was the ‘amazing thing’ that the speaker saw?
Answer: The ‘amazing thing’ the speaker saw was that the lion was licking Androcle’s foot.

(c) What did the speaker do next?
Answer: The speaker clapped in delight.

Question 12: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘You‘ll be alright now.’

(a) Who said this to whom?
Answer: Androcles to lion.

(b) What had happened?
Answer: A huge thorn was stuck between the lion claws.

(c) Why would the listeners be ‘alright now’?
Answer: The listener would be alright because the thorn has been picked out.

Question 13: Write True or False:

(a) Androcles was a slave who worked in fields all day long – True
(b) Androcles earned a lot of money working for his master – False
(c) The lion almost ate Androcles – False
(d) Androcles washed the lion’s bleeding paw and wrapped it with his clothes – False
(e) The emperor freed Androcles as well as the lion – True

So, these were Androcles and the Lion Questions & Answers.

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