A True Satyagrahi Questions & Answers

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A True Satyagrahi Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Enlightened – someone who is very wise
  • Annals – records
  • Discriminate – to treat someone differently
  • Revamp – improve
  • Bloodless revolution – a revolution without violence

Question 1: Fill in the blanks to complete the summary of the poem:


The poet refers to Mahatma Gandhi as the enlightened one because he fought the British without using violence. He was born in Saurashtra, a small place that became renowned as Gandhi’s birthplace.

Gandhiji had a unique philosophy, one that grew from his gentleness and inner peace. He called it ahimsa, which means non-violence. Gandhiji said we should stand united as Indians. We shouldn’t discriminate against people on the basis of caste or religion.

The poet dreams of Gandhiji returning to India and saving us from modern-day terrorists and corrupt leaders. The poet believes that our country needs him now more than ever.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

….a bloodless revolution.

(a) What was the thought behind the bloodless revolution?

Answer: The thought behind the bloodless revolution was to show the British the power of ‘Ahimsa’ and achieve freedom through non-violence.

(b) What was the result of this bloodless revolution?

Answer: The result of this bloodless revolution was that India gained her freedom from the British.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

His message to us is simple and clear.

(a) What is the message?

Answer: The message is that we should not discriminate against one another on the basis of caste and creed.

(b) Who is ‘us’?

Answer: ‘Us’ refers to all Indians.

Question 4: Which weapons did Gandhiji use to win a war?

Answer: Gandhiji used the weapons of ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘non-violence’ to win a war.

Question 5: How did Gandhiji leave his imprint on the annals of history?

Answer: Gandhiji left his imprint on the annals of history because he won the war for India’s freedom without firing a gun or using a sword. He used ‘Ahimsa’, the power of his inner peace, to drive the British from the country.

Question 6: What do you think Gandhiji would set straight had he lived today?

Answer: Gandhiji would have set straight all our corrupt leaders.

Question 7: What do you think will happen if we ignore Mahatma Gandhi’s message?

Answer: I think if we ignore Mahatma Gandhi’s message of peaceful co-existence and of being united as Indians, we will pay a heavy price. He taught that we should not discriminate on the basis of caste and creed and be Indians first. If we do not follow his message, we will not be united and will not be a strong nation.

Question 8: Anyone can follow ahimsa or non-violence. How can you follow it in your daily life?

Answer: We can follow ‘ahimsa’ in daily life by being tolerant and accepting one another. We should have the patience to listen to others what they have to say instead of forcing them to agree with us. We should avoid getting angry over small things and picking up fights.

So, these were A True Satyagrahi Questions & Answers.