An Officer and A Gentleman Questions & Answers

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An Officer and A Gentleman Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Mundane – routine
  • Precarious – dangerous
  • Instilled – gradually established in their minds
  • Emulated – actions that showed the same values
  • Counterinsurgency – a military action against people fighting their own government
  • Commending – praising
  • Indomitable – cannot be defeated
  • Martyrdom – the death of a soldier in war
  • Infiltrators – people secretly entering another country

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“It was a moment of great satisfaction to him.”

(a) Whom does the word ‘him’ refer to?

Answer: The word ‘him’ refers to Colonel Vasanth.

(b) Which moment has been talked about here?

Answer: It was the moment when he went down a dangerous slope to rescue a trapped deer.

(c) Why was the moment satisfying to him?

Answer: The moment was satisfying to him because he had saved a deer which was trapped in a dangerous slope as he used to value life in every form.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

“Your human attitude, coming barely 72 hours after gunning hardcore terrorists in the same area is praiseworthy.

(a) Who wrote these words and to whom?

Answer: Colonel Vasanth wrote these words to his men of the 9th Maratha Light Infantry.

(b) What does the speaker mean by ‘human attitude’?

Answer: ‘Human attitude’ means a kind and considerate attitude towards fellow humans.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘He was a true soldier who was dedicated to the country and his force.’

(a) Who said these words and about whom?

Answer: The Chief of Army Staff, General JJ Singh said these words to Colonel Vasanth.

(b) How had he dedicated his life to his country?

Answer: In the final encounter, he led from the front and helped to gun down terrorists and also ensured that all eight infiltrators were wiped out before he was hit by a bullet and killed.

Question 4: What were Colonel Vasanth’s interests as a child?

Answer: Colonel Vasanth liked reading war stories and was very attracted to armoured tanks and weaponry. His school notebooks were always filled with detailed drawings of battle tanks and uniformed soldiers.

Question 5: What was the motto of this brave officer?

Answer: The motto of this brave officer was, “I go where my men go.’

Question 6: What tells you that he was a simple man at heart?

Answer: We know Colonel Vasanth was a simple man at heart because he missed and craved for the most mundane of activities that people get easily in life – like ordering a pizza, eating hot chocolate fudge and drinking filter coffee.

Question 7: Why were the soldiers hesitating to save the deer?

Answer: The soldiers were hesitating to save the deer because it was caught in a hunter’s snare at a steep slope cliff. None of the soldiers were brave enough to climb down steep slope.

Question 8: How did the soldiers regard Colonel Vasanth?

Answer: The soldiers regarded Colonel Vasanth by emulating his values. They regarded him with great respect and looked upon him as a fair-minded officer. They also trusted him completely.

Question 9: How did Colonel Vasanth show great courage in the Uri encounter?

Answer: Colonel Vasanth showed great courage in the Uri encounter, his troops surrounded terrorists by blocking their escape routes. The daring officer led from the front and helped gun down the terrorists.

Question 10: Do you think Colonel Vasanth was a true hero? Why?

Answer: Yes, Colonel Vasanth was a true hero. He was a very courageous officer and always led his men from the front and would be with his troops even in the face of great danger. He took the lead in taking on challenges while rescuing a trapped animal. He had sympathy for the villagers who were attacked by the terrorists and helped them. He taught his soldiers to be humane even towards ex-militants. These qualities make him a true hero.

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