A Vendor Of Sweets Questions & Answers

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A Vendor Of Sweets Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Slackened – had fewer customers
  • Enrage – to make very angry
  • Bearing down – moving in a threatening manner
  • Commotion – noisy confusion

Question 1: Complete the following statements:

(a) At nine in the morning, Munisamy would stand in front of the school with his tray of sweets.
(b) During vacation, there was depression in his trade.
(c) At the tender age of two, Munisamy’s child used to put all kinds of things in his mouth.
(d) The mother’s heart would fill with pain when she saw her child crying for the sweet.
(e) When the child picked a sweet to eat, Munisamy cried aloud and gave a sharp slap on the tender cheek of the child.
(f) When Munisamy was going to the school, all the sweets from the tray fell from his head into the gutter by the side of the road.

Question 2: Put the sentences in the correct order as they occur in the story:


…3…At home, his two-year child was not even allowed to touch those sweets.
…2…He sold his sweets mainly to school children and was doing a thriving business.
…8…On his way to the school, Munisamy fell headlong on the road while trying to avoid a collision with a car.
…4…Once on the re-opening day of the school, Munisamy was getting ready to go out to sell sweets.
…7…The child cried and went to sleep.
…1…Munisamy was a hard-working sweet vendor.
…5…He saw his child picking up sweets from the tray.
…9…His sweets fell into the gutter.
…6…He slapped the child in a rage and went out with his tray.
…11…He returned home and promised to give the child the sweets before he sold them to others.
…10…Munisamy realised that it was God’s punishment for slapping the child.

Question 3: Do you think Munisamy would have realised his mistake if his tray of sweets had not fallen into the gutter accidentally?

Answer: “As You Sow So Shall You Reap” this proverb is more than enough as an answer but the irony is that there are many thick skinned people who never ever bother about what they are going to reap for the wrong deeds as they believe in the present momentary pleasure.

Question 4: Munisamy’s son picked a sweet from his tray which infuriated Munisamy. He considered it an ‘ill-omen’. Superstitions often put us in trouble. Imagine you have a friend who is superstitious like Munisamy. He/She stops if a black cat crosses his/her path or does not go out if someone sneezes when he/she is about to step outside. How will you explain to him/her to shun superstitions and have a rational approach towards life?

Answer: Superstition is a great curse to any society. It is not the black cat, sneezing or someone calling you from behind is going to hinder our work but our thought process and our actions are the causes for all our problems. Hence, one should be aware of one’s action.

Question 5: Write the words that tell you about the nature of Munisamy before the accident and the ones that refer to new Munisamy.


Nature of Munisamy before the accident:

  • Unconcerned
  • Short-tempered
  • Self-centred
  • Arrogant
  • Abusive
  • Mean

New Munisamy:

  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Considerate
  • Tender-hearted
  • Affectionate

So, these were A Vendor Of Sweets Questions & Answers.

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