A Voyage Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Voyage Questions & Answers.

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A Voyage Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Sail – travel in a boat
  • Hire – use temporarily for some time for an agreed payment
  • Tremble – shake slightly
  • Fainted – lose consciousness for a long time

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The animals decided to……….a boat.

i. Hire
ii. Buy
iii. Sell

(b) Suddenly there was a……….

i. thunder
ii. rain
iii. gale

(c) The Ape and the Goat………nearly.

i. Grew pale
ii. Were a tremble
iii. Fainted

(d) They felt………….at the end of their journey.

i. Sorry
ii. Happy
iii. Excited

Question 2: Who were four friends? What did they decide?

Answer: The four friends were the Horse, the Tiger, the Ape and the Goat. They decided that they would hire a boat and go on a voyage to find a new land.

Question 3: Whom are they compared to?

Answer: They are compared to a famous navigator Christopher Columbus.

A Voyage Questions & Answers

Question 4: What happened suddenly?

Answer: Suddenly, there blew a great gale and storm occurred in the ocean and the animals got scared.

Question 5: Why were the four friends sorry when they reached a new country?

Answer: The four friends felt sorry after reaching a new country because it was very strange to them and no one knew about it.

Question 6: Write some pairs of rhyming words.

Answer: one-done, away-day, goat-boat and gale-pale.

Question 7: Explain the lines:

(a) For to leave their own country
And find a new one.

Answer: In these lines, the poet says that there are four friends – The horse, the tiger, the ape and the goat. One day, they decided that they would leave their native country and go on a voyage in search of a new land just like Columbus did.

(b) To a wonderful country which nobody knows.

Answer: This line describes that after a long voyage, the four friends finally reached a country which is very strange to them. It is wonderful and splendid but nobody knows about this land.

So, these were A Voyage Questions & Answers.

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