Air Water and Weather Questions & Answers

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Air Water and Weather Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) We cannot see air but we can feel it.
(b) About three-fourth of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.
(c) Rain is the source of fresh water.
(d) Flowers bloom during spring.
(e) Plants need carbon dioxide to prepare their food.
(f) The oxygen present in air is necessary for burning/breathing.
(g) Air is a mixture of gases.
(h) When we inhale polluted air, it causes many health problems.
(i) We tend to sweat a lot during sunny day.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) In winter, we wear woollen clothes – True
(b) Steam is a gaseous state of water – True
(c) Planting more trees cause air pollution – False
(d) Water pollution is one of the reasons for water scarcity – True
(e) Disposing garbage in water bodies can prevent water pollution – False
(f) As water vapour moves higher into the air, it cools and turns into droplets of water – True
(g) Water pollution is one of the reasons for water scarcity – True
(h) We should use a hose pipe to clean our car or bike – False

Question 3: Match the columns:

a. Strong wind with raini. Cloudy
b. Clear sky with bright sunii. Stormy
c. Using umbrellas and raincoatsiii. Sunny
d. Sky full of cloudsiv. Rainy
Answer: a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-i

Question 4: Name the following:

(a) A gas present in air which is necessary for burning.

Answer: Oxygen

(b) Moving air.

Answer: Wind

(c) The main source of water.

Answer: Rain

(d) The thick layer of air surrounding the earth.

Answer: Atmosphere

(e) The amount of fresh water available is not sufficient to fulfill the demand of water usage in a particular region.

Answer: Water Scarcity

(f) Collection of rain water for future use.

Answer: Rainwater Harvesting

Air Water and Weather Questions & Answers

Question 5: Explain the following terms.

(a) Season

Answer: When a particular weather condition prevails for a longer time it is called a season.

(b) Weather

Answer: The atmospheric conditions of a particular place at a particular time is called weather.

(c) Wind  

Answer: Moving air is called wind.

Question 6: What is air pollution?

Answer: When dust particles, smoke and other harmful substances mix with air, the air gets polluted.

Question 7: List the gases present in air.

Answer: The gases present in air are oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Question 8: State how water pollution can be prevented.

Answer: Water pollution can be prevented by: 

  • Not putting oil, grease, medicines, and cleaning agents down the sink or toilets. 
  • Not disposing of garbage in water bodies.
  • Not disposing of industrial waste in water bodies without treating it first. 
  • Cleaning polluted water bodies such as rivers, seas, and oceans.

Question 9: State the factors affecting change in weather.

Answer: The factors affecting change in weather are caused by the sun, clouds, rain, and wind.

Question 10: State two functions of water in an animal’s body.

Answer: The digestion of food and flushing out waste from the body.

Question 11: What do you mean by water scarcity?

Answer: Water scarcity means shortage of water. If available fresh water is not sufficient to fulfill demand of the water usage for a particular region then it is scarcity.

Question 12: Give reasons:

(a) Pond water should be boiled and filtered before drinking.

Answer: The water from the ponds, lakes, rivers, well and taps is not fit for drinking. It may contain dust and dirt. We should boil and filter water before drinking it.

(b) Afternoons are the hottest time of the day.

Answer: Afternoons are the hottest time of the day as the sun’s rays fall directly on the earth.

Question 13: Neha kept an ice tray filled with water inside a freezer for 10 hours. She took another bowl, filled with water and started boiling it.
Identify the change of state of water when:

(a) The ice tray is placed in the freezer.

Answer: Water changed its state from liquid to solid.

(b) When the water is boiled.

Answer: It changes into steam.

So, these were Air Water and Weather Questions & Answers.

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