Aladdin and The Magic Lamp Questions & Answers

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Aladdin and The Magic Lamp Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the stranger give Aladdin and his mother?

Answer: The stranger gave fine clothes, fresh fruits and food to Aladdin and his mother.

Question 2: What did Aladdin find when he down the steps?

Answer: As Aladdin went down the steps, he found himself in a cave filled with treasure. There was a golden tree with fruits of rubies and emeralds. The ground was covered with heaps of gold, gems and other treasures were scattered about.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

“Please help me, Uncle.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Aladdin said these words to the magician.

(b) Why did the speaker need help?

Answer: Aladdin needed help because it was difficult for him to climb up the steps with the lamp in one hand.

(c) What happened after the speaker said these words?

Answer: After the speaker said these words, the old man placed a boulder at the opening of the cave and went away.

Question 4: Why did the stranger leave Aladdin in the cave? Who was he really?

Answer: The stranger left Aladdin in the cave because he refused to give the lamp to him. The stranger was a magician.

Question 5: How did Aladdin escape from the underground cave?

Answer: Aladdin rubbed the magic ring and the genie of the ring stood before him. Aladdin asked the genie to take him to his home and thus, escaped from the underground cave.

Question 6: What trick did the magician play on Aladdin the second time?

Answer: The magician took some lamps and called out people in the streets to get their old lamps changed for a new one. Aladdin’s helper heard this and told the princess, who exchanged the old magic lamp for a new one.

Question 7: How did Aladdin get back his palace and the princess?

Answer: Aladdin got back his palace and princess with the help of genie of the ring.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

“I am your slave and you are my master.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: The Genie of the lamp said these words to Aladdin.

(b) How did the listener feel on hearing these words?

Answer: The listener was surprised on hearing these words.

(c) What did the speaker do for the listener?

Answer: The speaker fulfilled all the wishes of the listener (Aladdin).

So, these were Aladdin and The Magic Lamp Questions & Answers.

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