David and Goliath Questions & Answers

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David and Goliath Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) In which country did David live?

i. Philistine
ii. Israel
iii. Egypt

(b) What did the King say to David before going for a fight?

i. go, let the God be with you
ii. good-bye
iii. kill him

(c) What weapon did David use against Goliath?

i. a bow
ii. a spear
iii. a sling

Question 2: Who said? To whom?

(a) “Find out how your brothers are.”

Answer: David’s father to David.

(b) “Who is that man.”

Answer: David to soldiers.

(c) “You are not able to go against this man.”

Answer: King to David.

(d) “Do you dare fight with me?”

Answer: Goliath to David.

(e) “I will kill you and take your head from you.”

Answer: David to Goliath.

Question 3: Write True or False:

(a) David was tall, strong and brave although he was a boy – True
(b) The Phillistines were the enemies of Israel – True
(c) David and his three brothers went to join the army of Israel – True
(d) The King did not permit David to go against Golliath – False
(e) Goliath looked like a big tree – False
(f) David went to meet Goliath along with the King’s sword – False

Question 4: Who was David? How did he look and what was he doing all the day?

Answer: David was a shepherd boy of Israel. He was tall and strong and used to tend his sheep all the day.

Question 5: Where was David send by his father? What did he take along with him?

Answer: David’s father sent him to the camp of Israel to get news from his three elder brothers. David took a bag of corn and ten loaves of bread along with him.

Question 6: What did David see after reaching the camp?

Answer: David saw a huge soldier, dressed in shining armour, carrying a great spear and shield and challenging the army of Israel.

Question 7: Who was Goliath? What did he use to do every day?

Answer: Goliath was a giant soldier from the camp of the Phillistines. Every day, he used to dare any man from the army of Israel to meet him in battle.

Question 8: Who challenged Goliath? How did he convince the King?

Answer: David challenged Goliath. He convinced the King by telling him his past experience when he killed a lion and a bear without taking help from anyone. He said that God is with him and He would help him in fighting Goliath.

Question 9: What did David take along with him to meet Goliath? What did he say to Goliath?

Answer: David took along with him his sling and five smooth stones to meet Goliath. He said Goliath that he would kill him and would take his head from him.

Question 10: How did David kill Goliath? How was he awarded for that?

Answer: David fitted one of the five stones to his sling and whirled it swiftly about his head. The stone flew straight to its mark and struck Goliath full in the forehead. Goliath took one step and with a groan, fell to the Earth. David, then stood upon him, took his sword and cut off Goliath’s head.
For David’s brave deed, he was given the highest award of bravery and a dinner was held in his honour by the King.

So, these were David and Goliath Questions & Answers.

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