Mother Tongue Questions & Answers

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Mother Tongue Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Courtier – people at the king’s court
  • Learned – highly educated
  • Mastery – thorough knowledge
  • Fluently – speaking smoothly
  • Quietly – with very little voice
  • Challenged – called to solve the problem
  • Whispered – spoke very softly  
  • Tickled – touched
  • Surprised – amazed
  • Accepted – agreed
  • Difficulty – trouble

Question 1: Who came to Akbar’s court?

Answer: A learned pundit came to Akbar’s court.

Question 2: What did he claim to know?

Answer: He claimed that he could speak many languages fluently.

Question 3: How did he challenged everybody?

Answer: He challenged everybody to find out his mother tongue.

Question 4: Why did Emperor Akbar reward the Pandit?

Answer: The Emperor rewarded the Pandit because he could converse in many languages like Sanskrit, Arabic, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and French too. This impressed the emperor greatly.

Question 5: How did the Pandit react when Birbal gave the correct answer? What did Birbal say next that made the Pandit realize his mistake?

Answer: The Pandit looked quite crestfallen and nodded quietly. Birbal said that if knowledge made us proud then knowledge is of no use.

Question 6: What had Birbal proved to the emperor and others?

Answer: Birbal had proved to the emperor and others that in times of difficulty, a man only speaks in his mother tongue.

Question 7: What happened to the Pandit in the end?

Answer: The Pandit realized his mistake in the end. He apologized to the king and left the court.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What visited to the court of Akbar?

Answer: A learned Pundit visited to the court of Akbar.

(b) What did he tell the king and his courtiers?

Answer: He told them that he had mastery over many languages

(c) Give the opposite of different.

Answer: Same

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What was the special ability of Pundit?

Answer: The special ability of the Pundit is that he could speak many languages fluently.

(b) Why was it difficult to find out what his mother tongue was?

Answer: It was so difficult to find out his mother tongue because he was so fluent in the languages.

(c) What did he challenge to courtiers?

Answer: He challenged everybody to name his mother tongue.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

(a) To whom does ‘He’ refers to?

Answer: He refers to Birbal.

(b) What did he do?

Answer: He whispered into the Pundit’s ear and tickled with a feather.

(c) In which language did he (pundit) shout out?

Answer: He shouted out words in his mother tongue Telugu.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Where did Birbal go to the next day?

Answer: Birbal went to the Akbar’s court next day.

(b) What did Birbal tell everyone?

Answer: Birbal told everyone that the Pundit’s mother tongue was Telugu.

(c) Why was the Pundit surprised?

Answer: The Pundit was surprised because Birbal find out his mother tongue.

So, these were Mother Tongue Questions & Answers.

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