The Needle To Heaven Questions & Answers

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The Needle To Heaven Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Entrusted – put something into someone’s care
  • Gushed – full of enthusiasm
  • Preach – spread the word of God to people
  • Self-importance – sense of one’s own importance

Question 1: Give one word for the following:

(a) Go with the person who is leaving to his point of departure.

Answer: See off

(b) Sense of one’s own importance.

Answer: Self-importance

(c) Bragged

Answer: Boasted

(d) Come to pay respect to the person who has just died.

Answer: Last respect

(e) Worth nothing

Answer: Worthless

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Duni Chand lived in a magnificent palace surrounded by all the luxuries of life.
(b) “It will be the best evening of your life,” Duni Chand bragged.
(c) Duni Chand began to boast to his wife about the special task entrusted to him by Guru Nanak.
(d) “If you can’t carry a tiny needle how will you take all your wealth and property with you to heaven?” Guru Nanak asked.
(e) Duni Chand took many good deeds and good wishes up to heaven with him.

Question 3: Complete the following sentences:

(a) Guru Nanak was the first Sikh Guru and teacher and the founder of the Sikh faith.
(b) ‘Sikh’ means someone who learns.
(c) This story teaches us not to be attached to wealth.
(d) Instead, be a good human being and do ‘seva’ service to others.
(e) This is one way of being close to God.

Question 4: Why did Duni Chand invite Guru Nanak to his house?

Answer: Duni Chand invited Guru Nanak to his house to show off his wealth and property.

Question 5: What did Guru Nanak give to Duni Chand?

Answer: Guru Nanak gave Duni Chand a fine, silver needle.

Question 6: What did Guru Nanak give Duni Chand to do with the needle?

Answer: Guru Nanak wanted Duni Chand to return the needle to him when they would meet in heaven.

Question 7: What lesson do we learn from this story?

Answer: From this story, we learn to help and serve other people who are in need.

So, these were The Needle To Heaven Questions & Answers.

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