Ashraf’s Invention Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Ashraf’s Invention Questions & Answers.

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Ashraf’s Invention Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Barely touched the pedal – here, the driver did not make the bus move faster
  • Determined – here, had made up her mind
  • Glimpsed – got a quick view of
  • Boomed – said with a loud, deep sound
  • Headed out – started moving towards
  • Persisted – here, continued to request his friends to come home
  • Muttered – said in a low voice
  • Splendour – grand beauty
  • Hare-brained – crazy and unlikely to succeed

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘Why did you have to go and do that?’ Ashraf stormed off, clearly upset.’

(a) How had Ashraf been feeling at the beginning of the first break?

Answer: At the beginning of the first break, Ashraf had been feeling very excited.

(b) Who was Ashraf speaking to? What had this person done?

Answer: Ashraf was speaking to Segun as he had invited Simon to see Ashraf’s new flying saucer.

(c) What did the listener say to Ashraf in reply?

Answer: Segun apologized to Ashraf adding that so many of his inventions and experiments have failed.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

‘Hey, steady on or we will all fall off the tree!’ Eugene warned.

(a) Who else was on the tree with Eugene?

Answer: Ashraf and Segun were also on the tree with Eugene.

(b) What is a warning? What made Eugene give this warning?

Answer: Eugene gave this warning to balance themselves well on the branch of the tree to avoid falling down.

(c) What did Segun say in reply to this warning?

Answer: Segun made fun of Ashraf replying to the warning saying that Ashraf will have to invest instant parachutes to save them.

Question 3: How did Eugene receive the news that Ashraf gave him? Would you say that he was genuinely impressed? Give a reason to support your answer.

Answer: Eugene received the news that Ashraf gave him in a very light mode and made fun of it. He was not impressed at all. In fact, as soon as Ashraf informed Eugene about his plane, he called Segun and asked him if he would like to visit Jupiter or Saturn in it.

Question 4: Why did Ashraf feel that he could not go back to school, ever? What did he think would happen if he went back to school?

Answer: Ashraf felt that he could not go back to school ever because Segun and Eugene also brought other children to see the flying saucer of Ashraf which was actually a tree. Ashraf thought that if he would go back to school, all the other children will make fun of him.

Question 5: Ashraf said that Eugene and Segun were great. What did he mean by this? Do you agree with Ashraf? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Ashraf realised that no matter what, Eugene and Segun are going to be his best friends and will support him in all his inventions and experiments. This is why he said Eugene and Segun were great. I agree with Ashraf because in spite of all the failure, both of them always encouraged Ashraf and supported him.

Question 6: What did Ashraf say about the way friends should behave with each other? Write about your own experience to say whether or not you agree with Ashraf.

Answer: Ashraf said to Segun that friends are supposed that friends are supposed to support each other no matter what. He said it angrily when Segun invited Simon as well to see the flying saucer of Ashraf. I also believe that friends must support each other no matter what in each and every situation. However, I do believe that friends should warn each other in unfavourable situations.

So, these were Ashraf’s Invention Questions & Answers.

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