Circus Elephant Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Circus Elephant Questions & Answers.

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Circus Elephant Questions & Answers

Question 1: Number the following in the sequence in which they are spoken about in the poem.


…4…the music of the long-forgotten stream
…3…the football of the Buffalo and Zebra
…1…grey light before dawn
…2…the cry of hungry beasts

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

(a) Where is the elephant?

Answer: The elephant is in the circus.

(b) What ‘noises’ of the ‘jungle’ does the poet describe in the poem?

Answer: The Poet describes various noises of the jungle such as the cry of hungry beasts like tiger, leopard and lion while they were catching prey or eating food. The thunder of the feet of the buffaloes and the zebras in a very hot weather. The poet also reminds of the music of long forgotten stream.

(c) Why does the poet refer to the noises of the jungle as ‘old’?

Answer: The poet refers to the noises of the jungle as ‘old’ because they are not available for the elephant at present as the elephant was brought to the circus long back and since then he might have not heard all these noises of the jungle.

Question 3: Which words does the poet use for the elephant in the last verse of the poem? What does the poet wish to show us using these words?

Answer: The poet used the words ‘mighty and majesty’ for the elephant in the last verse of the poem. The poet wished to show how majestic, mighty and powerful the elephant is in the jungle. He was also treated as a king in the jungle who was free to move around without any boundations. In a way, the poet is trying to remind the elephant about its status.

Question 4: If the elephant could speak, what do you think he would say?

Answer: If the elephant could speak, he would ask the humans how righteous is it to tame and torture wild animals just for entertainment. He would ask for his freedom, all the beauty and peace of the jungle which was taken away from him in the circus.

Question 5: According to you, does the poet think it right for the animals to perform in a circus? Give example for your answer.

Answer: According to me, the poet thinks it is not right for animals to perform in a circus. The reason for it is that the entire poem is reminding the elephant about its roots and original settings of the jungle where it belongs. There is a little anguish in the last verse of the poem when the poet asks the elephant in sarcasm if ‘His Majesty’ remembers how he stirred on the music of a stream.

So, these were Circus Elephant Questions & Answers.

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