Away in Kodi Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Away in Kodi Questions & Answers.

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Away in Kodi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“When you come back, you’ll see something interesting.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Grandpa said this to Ankita.

(b) Where would the listener come back from?

Answer: Ankita had gone out on a picnic with two children from the neighbouring farm.

(c) What was the interesting thing?

Answer: The interesting thing that Ankita was to see were the chicks that had hatched the previous day.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Ankita_________abroad with her parents.

(a) did not want to go
(b) could not go

2. She_________brothers or sisters.

(a) did not have any
(b) had many

3. Her grandparents had__________.

(a) two goats and a dog
(b) a goat and a dog

4. She couldn’t watch TV________in Kodi.

(a) in the morning
(b) whenever she wanted

5. Ankita tried calling her friends but________in her cell phone.

(a) the battery was low
(b) there was no signal

Question 3: Why did Ankita think she would get bored in the village?

Answer: Ankita’s cell phone did not have any signal in the village, so she couldn’t contact her friends. There was no television or the internet either. Hence, she thought that she would get bored there.

Question 4: The pets were happy with Ankita. What did they do to show this?

Answer: Roli, the dog, brought her a stick to play fetch and Gogi, the goat, gently butted its head against her knee. It was their way of showing that they were happy with her.

Question 5: What did Grandpa suggest she do in the village?

Answer: Grandpa suggested that Ankita could help him with gardening. She could also read books and run errands on the cycle that he had got for her.

Question 6: The cycle was a surprise for Ankita. Why?

Answer: It was a surprise for Ankita because she was not allowed to ride a bicycle in the city.

Question 7: How did Ankita, Vani and Varun enjoy themselves?

Answer: Ankita, Vani and Varun rode on their bicycles, racing through the fields till they came to a huge banyan tree. There they spent their time swinging on the long aerial roots of the tree. They even had fun picking sweet mangoes from the mango tree nearby.

So, these were Away in Kodi Questions & Answers.

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